Small Vase – Buckeye Burl


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This weirdly wonderful small vase had been hand carved by Melanie Abrantes out of a single piece of Buckeye Burl, a wood native to California and unique for its naturally unpredictable grain. Each one of these vases are different, but they have deep, ashen grey markings in common over a more pallid cream coloured exterior. For effect, the exterior coat has been slashed to reveal the buckeye beneath, almost as if the wood is peering out from a layer of coating and breaking free.

California Buckeye, or Aesculus Californica, is a type of cork tree native to California and Southwestern Oregon. The tree has been used for generations, and produces a poisonous seed which was once used by local Native American tribes people to inoculate fish in an ingenious fishing method. Now, it is favoured for its distinctive grain for woodworking.

A glass vial in included to allow for a single or a couple of fresh flowers.

Please note that each of these pieces are unique, that’s why all our measurements are approximate: dimensions, shapes and colors may vary slightly.

Melanie Abrantes, founder of Melanie Abrantes Designs, is producing quality handcrafted goods in the Bay Area of San Francisco, U.S.A. Melanie founded her company in 2013 on the belief that functionality and beauty need not be mutually exclusive terms, and believes in “getting your hands dirty” when it comes to creating beautiful woodwork objects like this.

Melanie works with a lot of different materials, but her intuitive use of the wood lathe allows her to create interesting pieces in a signature style which never fails to stand out. Melanie’s woodworks are expertly handmade, and are helping to re-establish the handmade market in the U.S. in roaring style.

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Dimensions 5 x 5 x 710 cm
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