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The Donut Dripper by designer Nakabayashi Takayuki (Torch) was made locally in Japan out of the highest quality porcelain and features a white ash wood base which is as smooth and silky to touch as the porcelain itself. The dripper is used to slowly filter ground coffee into a jug or glass using boiled water, and is a truly unique way to brew coffee. This dripper allows us to refocus on the ritual of coffee-making, and suggests that making your morning cup can be a meditative experience too.

Torch’s Drippers intensify the flavour of your coffee by slowly filtering them and dripping the coffee into a container, this method of brewing changes the nuance of the flavour and allows for a slightly different brew than a percolator or french press would. The Donut Dripper can make up to four cups of high quality coffee whereas his little brother the Mountain Dripper makes only one or two. To use the donut dripper, all you need is filter paper, a suitable container, and some boiling water.

Simply fold the filter paper into the mouth of the dripper, measure out your coffee, secure it over your container using the base, and slowly drip the water over the top of the coffee. Watching the brew build from a slow drip into a golden brown stream is a satisfying experience for anyone who believes in the art of coffee.

The company Torch – a manufacturer that is making its mark in the specialty coffee scene in Japan was founded by designer Takayuki Nakabayashi. He created his famous Donut Dripper because he became disillusioned with the design of other current drippers. Takayuki set out to design and create his own dripper, an improvement among conventional coffee drippers and product which would brew coffee to his own liking.

The result was the Donut Dripper, and it was an instant success. Word of mouth carried word of the design all throughout Japan, and eventually beyond. Now, the Donut Dripper is used in many homes and cafes within Japan, as well as high end overseas establishments like Coutume in Paris. Takayuki later introduced a more personal and intimate dripper for one or two cups called the Mountain dripper.

Another iconic object created by the designer is the Coffee Measures, hand carved in walnut or birch wood and taking on the appearance of a tiny Japanese house.

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