101 Artists To Listen To


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A personal journey filled with hilarious anecdotes through the history of music, at the hand of one of Spain’s most internationally renowned illustrators.

A graphic novel in the form of Ricardo Cavolo’s personal diary, which follows the story of music through 101 essential artists; from Bach to Radiohead, to Amy Winehouse, Nirvana and Daft Punk. With over 100 uniquely colourful illustrations and handwritten text, lists, notes and personal anecdotes.

Born in his father’s painting studio in Spain and brought up in a world of painting, drawing and colour, effectively with an Art Teacher at home, Ricardo Cavolo was destined for a life centred around pictures. He studied Fine Arts at University and became Art Director at several advertising agencies before realising that his distinct, colourful tattooed beings and iconography should be shown to the world and now works as a professional illustrator, living in Brighton.

I always need to work with my hands. My work process is old school, sketches with pencil on paper and final pieces worked with calligraphy inks and brushes on paper. I need to work with the risk of doing it wrong and not having the control + Z choice. That makes the process more interesting.” Ricardo Cavolo.

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