Another Escape Volume 8


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A compendium of alternative lifestyles, remarkable adventures, and inspiring stories; Another Escape brings us exactly what its name promises. Volume eight, “The Journeys Volume” allows its readership a glimpse into the lives of people embarking upon personal, spiritual, and physical journeys, and rouses us to appreciate the value of the paths we walk.

From the nomadic lifestyles of Holy Gable and Angus Fulton, a young couple who have given into their wanderlust and exchanged bustle of London life for the country roads of Europe, to the conservation efforts of environmental activist groups like Save the Conwy; you will find that these journeys a varied and enlightening collection.

This magazine is published on a bi-annual basis, and stands out for its authenticity. Another Escape is a publication which truly reflects a love for nature, spirituality, and harmony which will resonate in the heart of anyone enamoured with the beauty of the natural world. The magazine also emphasises sustainability and eco-awareness: It is printed on lush, pristine quality paper; all its materials are responsibly sourced, and it is printed using vegetable ink to ensure that it remains true to its environmental roots.

Since the publication of their first volume in summer 2013, Another Escape has encouraged its readership to explore the possibility afforded by life. At times, it will humble the reader with stories of human kindness and at others it will set the mind in wonder at the feats accomplished by the people presented in its features and personal pieces. Their goal is to tell the stories of passionate people living in the world today which would perhaps otherwise go unheard.

We chose Another Escape for people who have an interest in nature, want to learn more about alternative lifestyle and communities, or perhaps just want to occupy their time reading something a bit different. The celebration of life in Another Escape, and its excellent take on the strength of the human spirit make it something which we personally enjoy reading very much.

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