Set of 2 A5 Notebooks – Dot Grid


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These A5 notebooks are for everyone who appreciates honest craftsmanship. The cover, first page, and last page have been printed on using an authentic old fashioned letterpress, in one of the only factories still practicing this production method in France. There is a gray yarn stitching on the spine, and 64 dot grid pages spaced 0.5cm apart for planning and perfecting ideas.

Calepino notebooks are the quintessential creative tool, and are made to be the perfect companion to daily life with a versatile design and signature style. Whether you’re scribbling down ideas for a novel at a bus stop, logging a memorable experience in your diary, or reminding yourself to buy bread on the way home, a calepino notebook is ready to travel the world with you.

Calepino notebooks are made in France. The company is based in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, and supports local enterprise by printing all of their notebooks through a family business based in this region. Sustainability is also important to Calepino, and so each of these notebooks is made from 100% certified recycled cardboard and paper, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. The ink used on the notebooks comes from vegetables, and Calepino never use plastic wrap to store their notebooks, preferring instead to opt for cardboard.

Calepino are one of the last remaining practitioners of their signature letterpress technique in the French tradition, and we loved the intricate, thoughtful, and passionate way they developed their notebooks from the minute we laid eyes on them.

Dimensions 21 x 13.5 cm
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