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A stylish porcelain cup in milk-white colour, handmade by independent artist Carole Neilson. It features a crackled burn look suggesting a contrast between the wild nature of the elements versus perfectly treated human artifice.

This piece comes with a subtle sensory style. Running the cup along your hand the texture shifts from the gilded feel of the glaze to the tactile, rough style of the patterning. Carole Neilson’s work is truly defined by this primal feel and self-contained look.

Food safe, Hand wash only.

Please note that the color may be slightly different from those shown on the photos due to the last firing process. Each of these pieces are unique, that’s why all our measurements are approximate: dimensions, tones and colors may vary slightly.

Carole Neilson is a French ceramist living and working in San Francisco. Carole studied Ceramics at the Academy of Art in Mol, Belgium, and has a wealth of experience with clay. However, ceramics have a personal connection for Carole, as her home region of Alsace in Northern France is known for its rich history of making pottery which can be traced back almost two thousand years.

The nearby Haguenau forest became a source for clay and wood for the people in Alsace, who historians believe began making pottery as early as 400 BC. A potter’s wheel, and much more evidence of this early tradition have been uncovered by archaeologists in the region, making Alsace one of the earliest pottery centres in Europe.

Carole’s ceramic homeware collection is something we had never seen before. There are many independent ceramicists working in the world today, and while using the elements to create distinctive patterning is something that has been incorporated into pottery for years, we hadn’t seen someone with such a bold, stark style of decoration before. The burn lines and cracks in the clay do nothing to affect the integrity of the mould, and are skin deep. However, Carole manages to create rustic, wild looking pottery by using fire as if it were a paint or glaze.

Dimensions 96.5 cm
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