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EYM Candle


  • Made by EYM (UK)
  • Natural blend of GMO-free soy wax and essential oils with cotton wick for clean burning
  • The range was described by The Independent as “well-rounded, distinct and gorgeous scents, and the most perfect packaging we’ve ever seen.”
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients, fragrance and packaging
  • Size:
    Standard – 220g
    Mini – 75g
  • Burn time:
    Standard – 40 hours
    Mini – 12 hours

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1. Only 100% Natural Fragrance

No chemicals, no scent boosters and binders. Just pure essential oils.


2. The Power of Natural Perfume
Botanical based perfumes perfected to bring both emotional and physical healing properties.


3. Created Consciously
Sustainably sourced ingredients, fragrance and packaging, always. Proudly British made.


Create – The Uplifting One

Mood // For moments of inspiration. Invigorating and clarifying.

Fragrance // Bergamot, Black Pepper, Orange

Benefits // Energising
Improves cognitive function
Reduces stress

Home – The Grounding One

Mood // Your warm welcome home. Comforting and reassuring.

Fragrance // Camomile, Geranium, Rose

Benefits // Restores inner balance
Helps relieve anxiety
Soothes intense emotions

Laze – The Mediative One

Mood // A chance to go a little bit deeper. Peaceful and mellowing.

Fragrance // Frankincense, Patchouli

Benefits // Peace-inducing
Deeply soothing
Frankincense is the oil of spirituality

Mellow – The Relaxing One

Mood // a deep, earthy and masculine scent. Tranquil and restorative.

Fragrance // Lavender, Vetivert

Benefits // Deeply relaxing
Vetivert is the oil of tranquility

Rest – The Sleepy One

Mood // A gentle and pure scent, perfect for night time. Calming and soothing.

Fragrance // Camomile, Lavender, Sweet Orange

Benefits // Warming and sedative
Soothes nerves
Induces feelings of bliss

     Soul – The Joyful One

     Mood // An enriching moment in your day. Sensual and uplifting.

Fragrance // Neroli, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang

Benefits // Invokes feelings of happiness
Calms the nervous system


Create, Home, Laze, Mellow, Rest, Soul


Mini, Standard

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