Hand Carved Wooden Spoons



These hand carved spoons made by French designer Ferréol Babin combine elements of the everyday with thoughtful design. Available in Cherrywood, or bright, clean Beechwood, each of the spoons are unique in their own way measuring slightly different sizes and depths for an authentic rustic feel.

Babin designed these hand carved objects as part of what he describes as a “step aside” from the deadlines and bustle of his usual work. As hand-carving requires a great deal of time and attention, creating these afforded him an opportunity to escape from the pressure of daily life. In his own words, making these allowed him to “breathe”, and focus on the act of creation itself.

His interest in light as an artistic tool shines through in the sun-bleached style of the spoons, and each has been designed with the intent that you can watch them age and grow with you and your home. These spoons and saucers come from a place of meditative peace for Babin, and it is something he hopes will carry over into your home: “they are objects you will want to collect; to respect and treat well, and that you can see aging.”

As this is made with natural wood, dishwasher or soaking in water is not recommended.

Ferreol Babin was born in Dijon, France, and had an interesting transition from architectural design and engineering into a more artistic vocation. Initially, Ferreol studied Space Design at ENSA in Dijon, but quickly decided that his true calling to be found in designing objects as opposed to spaces. After undertaking an internship with Robert Stadler in Paris, he moved on to study Object Design at ESAD in Reims, France.

Babin graduated in 2012, and since then has developed his own signature style: making objects using light as the chief tool and inspiration for his designs.


Dimensions 12 cm

Birch, Cherry

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