Harmony Diary – Grey


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This diary from Korean studio Gongjang has a simple message: live in harmony. The centrepiece of its cover has an illustration of two people joined together, encouraging the user to invite unity, peace, and harmony into their life by organising their time and being effective. Inside the diary is a weekly, monthly, and yearly planner along with a world map for intrepid adventurers to plot their courses with. There are also 48 pages of free space for scribbling in, and this medium diary is 18 x 13 cm in size.

Gonjang have duality in their name. A truly minimal brand, their name has two translations: “A craftsman who makes things skillfully” or “A factory where goods are made” Gonjang combine both of these elements in their brand, creating high quality crafted goods which encourage slow living with elegantly simple designs.

Gonjang try to eliminate extravagance in their designs, aiming to be authentically minimal in their style and in their ethics, with an intent to create an environmentally positive company which does not harm the natural world which inspires it. Gonjang want to create a natural feel with their products which will translate from their design studio right into the hands of the user, and in doing so live up to their “skillful” namesake.

Dimensions 18 x 13 cm
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