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A comprehensive 352 pages guide to sustainable living from experienced eco-farmers who grow everything they eat themselves. Inside are recipes, a brief history of food production and guides on growing food all within a personal and intimate look into the lives of Australian farming duo Matt & Lentil Pubrick. We are fortunate to be the only UK retailer of Grown & Gathered.

Printed on sustainably sourced paper from independent eco-farmers Matt & Lentil Pubrick, Grown & Gathered is a practical handbook for sustainable living in a modern world. In their first publication, Matt & Lentil present an alternative twist on modern recipes, and give you everything you need to live a sustainable life without compromising on the food you love.

From guidance on how to grow your own turnips to recipes for home-made wine, Grown & Gathered will help you get started with recipes, tips and practical advice on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Matt & Lentil created this book to show that natural living can be accessible to everyone, and to encourage others to experience the pleasure of home-grown produce for themselves.

Matt & Lentil started their farming company of the same name, Grown & Gathered, in the year 2014 aiming to create a business out of selling their produce to local restaurants and partners, promoting sustainability as a business model as well as a lifestyle. They now farm 6 acres of land and produce their own fruits, vegetables, and meat 100% organically.

We found the authenticity of Matt & Lentil to be very refreshing when we discovered them. There is a sense in this book that they are a good example of people who practice what they preach, and that they want to spread a positive message with their book.

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