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A light blue variant of Karkotek’s classic large 19 cm x 26 cm notebook with a clean, refreshing checkered look which seems to almost demand to be on display with pastel colours. This notebook has 80 pages of crisp blank paper inside waiting to be written on. Made in Europe for fans of simplicity all over the world.

Karkotek is a Danish company designing ingenuitive and stylish accessories for everyday life. Based in Copenhagen, their ethos is based around the idea of sincere simplicity, and they try to reflect the ideal that slowing down the pace of modern life can have a profound effect on our lives with their products. Karkotek believe that appreciating the beauty of simplicity opens doors up to the mind. As such, you will find that their designs are always minimal, with an aim to make high quality accessories in a dialled down fashion without compromising on stylish flare.

With branches all over the world, Karkotek is a global brand. Their range of notebooks and planners are made in Europe from high quality paper with aim to create a neo-classical look which combines elements of tradition with modern trend. This particular style has resonated with people from the U.S. to Australia, and is encouraging fans of the brand to think “simple elegance” when it comes to stationary.

Dimensions 26 x 19 cm
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