Raku Espresso Cup


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These espresso cups have been hand-crafted and fired using the traditional Japanese Raku technique by French ceramist Emanuel Leclerc, better known as “Manu Ceramics” on instagram.

The Raku technique is a well established method of glazing and firing ceramics to expose cracks, veins, and other tasteful imperfections in the natural mould of the clay. Raku pottery derives from Japan, but has grown to be quite popular in western pottery as a method of creating rustic, earthy ceramics.

Raku ceramics are more porous and vascular than traditional pottery, as can be seen in the pronounced dark lines which have been burned onto the clay after firing in a Raku kiln. Manu has created a collection of cups which stand out even in the relatively niche field of Raku fired ceramics for their sharp colour, stark patterning, and unique style.

Please note that each of these pieces are unique, that’s why all our measurements are approximate: dimensions, shapes and colors may vary slightly.

Handwash only.

Born in Paris, Manu developed a keen interest in working with the forge, and initially his work centred around the art of “coutellerie”: a french term for the process of hand-making knives from the blade to the handle. Following his skills in coutellerie he became interested in the primitive firing techniques used in Raku ceramics. Manu made these cups with the hope to draw attention to nature in balance with art: ” […] they are an invitation to vagrancy between nature (earth, vegetation) and culture. For me, it is also an incentive to freedom, freedom of knowing and respecting the elements: water, air, fire, earth.”

Manu lives near Lyon, in France, and his instagram showcases his rural lifestyle with videos of the animals he raises, and pictures of beautiful ceramics taken outside in natural environments. We were drawn in by his personality. Manu was a pleasant discovery for Mygodshot, we immediately connected with his philosophy on art, nature, and life. As well as with his simple motto: “Passe du bon temps”, meaning “have a good time”.

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