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Mike & Becky take great care over the entire production process of their “bean-to-bar” chocolates, as the name suggest: from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar. They work directly with the farmers and guarantee their fair remuneration.

Each bar of their range has a beautiful packaging which was inspired by an emblematic animal of the region where the cacao beans were sourced. For their Dominican Republic bar they chose the Palmchat bird which has a status of national symbol in this country which boast over 300 bird species. It is a joyful singer that is mostly seen in palm trees – hence, the name.

The two founders of Mike & Becky, Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova had their first bean-to-bar chocolate experience when a friend gifted them a Lithuanian chocolate bar. Originally from Russia and Germany they decided to settle in the world’s chocolate capital Brussel and spread the bean-to-bar movement there.

They started in November 2015 with the boutique Ben2Bar2You selling a selection of artisan chocolates from all around the world and offering a bike courier delivery anywhere in Brussel. About a year later they made their dream come true with Mike & Becky: producing their own range of small batch bean-to-bar chocolates in their atelier. The result is a beautiful 70% chocolate bar from five different origin. We are lucky to have a small quantity of four of them in our shop: Belize, India, Dominican Republic and Peru, currently available only in their boutique in Brussel.

Cacao mass, Organic Beet Sugar, Cacao Butter.
May contain traces of Milk, Nuts and Gluten.

Weight 70 g
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