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Mike & Becky take great care over the entire production process of their “bean-to-bar” chocolates, as the name suggest: from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar. They work directly with the farmers and guarantee their fair remuneration.

Each bar of their range has a beautiful packaging which was inspired by an emblematic animal of the region where the cacao beans were sourced. This Peruvian bar is made from some rare cacao beans found in the region of the Rio Marañon. The mainstream source of the Amazon is known for an extraordinary diversity of its fish population. One of them is the Rhino pleco, a peculiar looking catfish with two tiny horns and aligator-like ridges along the sides of their body. It is also called “Chocolate Pleco” due to its colour ranging from dark to light brown.

The two founders of Mike & Becky, Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova had their first bean-to-bar chocolate experience when a friend gifted them a Lithuanian chocolate bar. Originally from Russia and Germany they decided to settle in the world’s chocolate capital Brussel and spread the bean-to-bar movement there.

They started in November 2015 with the boutique Ben2Bar2You selling a selection of artisan chocolates from all around the world and offering a bike courier delivery anywhere in Brussel. About a year later they made their dream come true with Mike & Becky: producing their own range of small batch bean-to-bar chocolates in their atelier. The result is a beautiful 70% chocolate bar from five different origin. We are lucky to have a small quantity of four of them in our shop: Belize, India, Dominican Republic and Peru, currently available only in their boutique in Brussel.

Cacao mass, Organic Beet Sugar, Cacao Butter.
May contain traces of Milk, Nuts and Gluten.

Weight 70 g
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