Matcha Waka Ceremonial


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30 grams of ceremonial Waka matcha from japanese tea experts Morihata. Waka is sure to satisfy Matcha enthusiast’s with its nuanced flavour and complex taste. The leaves used to make this matcha were harvested from Uji, Japan.

Matcha powder is a special kind of powdered green tea which has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies since the 12th century. It is made by grinding tea leaves into a powder, and then by whisking the leaves with water. This process takes a long time to complete, and so the production of matcha powder is a highly skilled and time consuming practice.

Morihata international were founded in the year 2005 by married couple Kaz and Yuka Morihata. They are committed to bringing only the highest quality of Japanese design products to an international audience, and promote the style, qualities and ideals of the modern Japanese design trend.

In an effort to bring talented japanese artists to the forefront of the international stage Morihata scour Japan for collections and artisans and distribute their creations all over the world. Morihata are promoting Japanese art and ideas by allowing them to permeate into wider circles and inspire more people.

Powdered green tea.

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