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Morning Pod Coffee Machine


  • Made by Morning (Singapore)
  • Designed to make the perfect brew
  • Choose from 10 default brew modes
  • Or fully customise your coffee
  • Smart alerts
  • Works with Nespresso & all speciality capsules



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The new standard in capsule brewing


Features have been transferred from professional coffee equipment and adapted for capsule coffee so you can enjoy convenience, consistency and quality like never before.

Red Dot Product Design Award 2021, the compact coffee capsule machine has a very intuitive OLED interface – this is another key difference with other coffee capsule machines.

The intuitive dial mechanism of the screen allows users to scroll through the 10 default recipes which are built into the Morning machine, complete with two capacitive buttons (“Next” and “Back”) that even tech novices will be able to navigate. A screen and no physical buttons — just like a smartphone.

It also comes with a built-in scale where your cup would sit — as opposed to relying on volumetric measurements from a flow meter, with you constantly eyeballing the liquid espresso and crema, the built-in scale effortlessly ensures perfectly brewed, consistent-tasting cups of coffee.

There are a couple of ways you can use the Morning Machine. You can simply place the capsule in, select the specific blend on the Morning app and the machine will choose the intended recipe for that particular capsule. For coffee beginners, or those who aren’t too fussy with personalisation, this function makes it a breeze to get your daily joe, sans the guessing. Others who like to fiddle with the many complex tastes a brew is able to create can always opt to use one of the recipes on the machine or even tweak it on the app.

These aren’t your basic ones that go by the name espresso or lungo either. Bloom & Brew, for instance, pre-infuses some water into the chamber for 10 to 15 seconds, which in turn creates an even extraction of the coffee when it’s brewed at high pressure. According to Leon, this results in a short brew that’s syrupy, with a more intense flavour profile for medium to light roast coffee capsules.


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