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North Palm Tall Vase


Founder Sofia Azizi has always loved flowers, and over the years, she seemingly collected mismatched vases that took up too much space in her cabinets. When the vases weren’t in use, they were essentially clutter. Sofia wanted vases that she didn’t need to put away — a collection of vases that could double as artful décor even when not holding flowers. She couldn’t find what she was looking for, so Sofia decided to create it… and that’s how NORTH PALM was born.   

NORTH PALM makes minimalist, hand-carved vases made from non-toxic, premium materials for every home. Our vases are always produced in small batches with extremely limited production. Most importantly, we’ve made it a priority to make our pieces affordable with the hopes that everyone can bring some joy into their homes with NORTH PALM. 

North Palm Colour

Ivory Clay, Natural Ivory

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