75% Salted Almonds Bar


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A rare porcelana chocolate and salted almond bar from experts at Ocelot. This bar is 75% porcelana chocolate, and combines delicious almonds with a unique tasting chocolate to create a salty harmony of flavour. This may be unsuitable for anyone with an almond allergy.

Ocelot are a homegrown company for us, born in our native Scotland, in our sister city of Edinburgh. Ocelot was created by married couple Matt and Ish, who ditched their career as chefs in favour of pursuing their dream of establishing their own confectionary business. Ocelot believe that chocolate is one of the most intricate and rich delicacies in the world, and deserved to be recognised as such.

Ocelot chocolate is committed to ethical trading, and their ingredients are obtained from environmentally responsible fair trade sources in Peru and the Congo. Matt and Ish also create the signature designs of their chocolate packaging themselves, ensuring that they stand out from the crowd both in taste and presentation.

75% chocolate (organic cacao beans, organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter), salted almonds.

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