School Bus Yellow A5 – Pingraph


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This notebook from Japanese design company Postalco is made of cotton-pressed fabric in a bold “school bus” yellow colour which will light up any bookcase or backpack, for the brave and bold among us who want to stop the traffic and turn heads. Inside is Postalco’s original 1mm pingraph paper in A5 for scribbling and jotting.

Cotton-pressed fabric is a light fabric which softens over time, and so the texture of this notebook will change as it is used, developing unique creases and wrinkles which will make it look rustic and well-loved.

Postalco are a Japanese design company which are producing intriguingly different products which are always expertly designed and crafted. Their range of notebooks, wallets, and cases speak for themselves, but their imagination is vivid and extends to a whole host of things: pens, bags, raincoats and cards.

Postalco were founded in the year 2000. Founder, Mike Abelson, began designing bags when he noticed that his wife Yuri, who is a graphic designer, was struggling to carry her manuscripts around in a conventional backpack. He designed a one of a kind envelope shaped case for her which allowed her to carry her documents around without crumpling them up or cramming them into a bag. From this humble act of love, a unique design was born which would become the foundation for Postalco’s trademark design. 17 years later Postalco have become one of Japan’s premier designers of stationary, bags and carry-cases.

Dimensions 21 x 14.8 cm
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