Salted Peanuts Chocolate Bar



Artisanal vegan chocolate straight from the vibrant heart of Glasgow by Raven Chocolate. Their salted peanut infusion is for lovers of peanut butter and indulgence, all while being 100% dairy free.

These chocolates are a great vegan alternative to traditional milk chocolate without compromising on flavour. Raven make their chocolate from three simple base ingredients: cacao, sugar, and cacao butter, with flavour infusions on top of that. Raven are reminding us that the beauty of chocolate is its simplicity by creating new and interesting flavours with minimal ingredients.

Raven fell in love with the natural taste of chocolate dried, roasted, and ground without the final addition of dairy and other non-vegan ingredients that are so commonplace in traditional chocolates. The result was that they were left with a chocolate which was 100% vegan, and whilst they never set out to do this, they found that the flavours they wanted to add too enhance the taste of their natural base would produce something dairy-free and great tasting.

We spoke to Raven’s co-founder, Jade, a little bit about the process of creating chocolate, and what is important to Raven as a company. They are founded with the goal of creating chocolate which caters to positive environmental ideals, and benefits everyone involved in the process. All of their cacao is responsibly sourced from Venezuela so that the growers benefit directly from the sale and success of Raven chocolate, and all the packaging used for their products is recyclable.

Weight 90 g
Dimensions - cm

25g, 90g

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