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The revelation cup from L’Arbre a Café has been expertly engineered to offer a new espresso tasting experience. Founder of L’Arbre a Café, Hippolyte Courty, created the revelation cup out of a passion for espresso, and it has been designed to engage all five senses to reveal the terroir of the coffee in all its glory.

The revelation cup was made in collaboration with some of the world’s finest sommeliers and culinary experts. Over four hundred shapes were tried and tested before L’Arbre a Café decided that this was the experience they wanted to create.

To bring the Revelation cup to life, Courty chose the craftsmen Montgolfier, a company labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), specialized in stoneware and recognized for the quality of its work.

L’Arbre a Café have revelation in their soul. Hippolyte Courty began L’Arbre a Café in the year 2009. The story begins with Courty, then a Professor of medieval history at the University of Paris, was invited to try a speciality roast by a friend. Courty had been a fan of gastronomy for a while, and enjoyed selling ad writing about wine in his spare time while he was a professor, but had never looked at coffee with the same reverence as wine. That was about to change.

So, here we have a history professor, sitting down for coffee with a friend, unaware that this cup of coffee would change his life forever. When Courty tried that coffee he was blown away by its complex taste, how it had as many nuances and as much depth to it as wine could, and how good it tasted. This signified a massive change in Courty’s life, a revelation, and he decided it was time to change his career.

Courty established L’Arbre a Café, and began sourcing coffee directly from growers from Brazil. Not only are they re-igniting a French coffee tradition and establishing the speciality coffee roaster in the Parisian world, but they are doing it in an ethical, environmental, and socially responsible way. Today, 80% of L’Arbre a Café’s coffee is sourced directly from the farmers which grow it.

To think all of that came from one good cup of coffee…

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