Sucabaruca Coffee Set


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Fans of Japanese decor will appreciate this stylish coffee-set made from authentic Arita porcelain. The design is inspired by Japanese traditional homeware, and the set was made by expert ceramic studio Kihara, who are one of the premium makers of Arita porcelain in the the region, and thusly the world. The set has been glazed in glossy white, and feels as flawlessly smooth as it looks.

The Sucabaruca set was designed by Luca Nichetto & Lera Moiseeva, and showcases a fusion of cultural influences. Of course this set is influenced heavily by the Japanese porcelain tradition, but it also has a few little signature references to european culture thrown into the mix. The conical shape of the pourer for example, mirrors the unusual shape of a character called “Carmencita” from a popular 1960s Spanish television show “Carosello”. There is also a signature patterning on the pourer from the designers, with severe stripes which make it stand out. The result is a coffee set steeped in cultural mythos, and which combines aspects of two design traditions to create a cultural fusion.

In the 17th century Arita was the epicentre for porcelain production in Japan. Dutch traders, as part of the Dutch East India Company, traded exclusively with the Japanese for centuries for the porcelain manufactured here, and it became known as some of the finest in the world. Arita porcelain therefore has a history of being moulded by European influence, fashions, and desires, creating a creative cultural collaboration between Europe and Japan. This coffee set carries on that tradition as it was designed by Europeans and made in Japan.

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