Stoneware Cup – Cream with Spots


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This handmade stoneware cup was fashioned using a traditional throwing wheel. It has been glazed in white on the interior, but the rim is left unglazed; creating a rich textural landscape as the smooth interior finish meets the primal feel of the stonewear. Playful speckles have been added which add a stylish flare of colour to the clay and defining the character of the cup: unusual, unexpected, and full of originality.

Stoneware pottery is made on a throwing wheel, but differs from Earthenware clay in that it is fired at a much higher temperature, thus producing the texture, look, and feel of stoneware. Each of these cups was made completely by hand using traditional tools in a small studio. Making pottery is a long process, but one which produces a unique result each time, and is an incredibly rewarding practice for ceramicists.

This stoneware cup was made by talented Latvian ceramicist Natalija Pestume, as part of her independent ceramic studio, Suntree Studios. Nata began Suntree Studios in the year 2014, and has since grown her business into a successful studio with stockists in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and now the UK ! Nata likes to work with primarily porcelain and stoneware as she favours natural looks and materials over extravagance. Nata also likes to create pieces which ease into the atmosphere of slow living, and showcase her native country, Latvia.

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