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These delicately handcrafted coffee measures are designed to add elegance to the coffee-brewing experience. Carved out of bright, clean birch and designed to look like a traditional Japanese house, they have been designed by founder of Torch company Takayuki Nakabayashi to encourage a return to the simple pleasures of coffee.

These measures are imbued with a rare sense of authenticity and genuine feeling. Making coffee can be a meditative process; allowing for coveted moments of pleasure during the rush of life and reminding us to care for ourselves. This coffee measure helps us do just that, and is a welcome addition for those willing to indulge in the joy of preparation.

Also available in walnut wood.

As this is made with natural wood, dishwasher or soaking in water is not recommended.

The company Torch – a manufacturer that is making its mark in the specialty coffee scene in Japan was founded by designer Takayuki Nakabayashi. He created his famous Donut Dripper because he became disillusioned with the design of other current drippers. Takayuki set out to design and create his own dripper, an improvement among conventional coffee drippers and product which would brew coffee to his own liking.

The result was the Donut Dripper, and it was an instant success. Word of mouth carried word of the design all throughout Japan, and eventually beyond. Now, the Donut Dripper is used in many homes and cafes within Japan, as well as high end overseas establishments like Coutume in Paris. Takayuki later introduced a more personal and intimate dripper for one or two cups called the Mountain dripper.

Another iconic object created by the designer is the Coffee Measures, hand carved in walnut or birch wood and taking on the appearance of a tiny Japanese house.

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