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Woody fragrances

rich · earthy · seductive

Oriental fragrances evoke a sense of opulence, warmth, and exoticism. These captivating scents create an enchanting aura that transports the wearer and those around them to distant and mysterious realms. These fragrances are often associated with a touch of indulgence and luxury, making them a popular choice for special occasions and evening wear.



top       pear sparkle,  cardamom spice,  violet leaves
heart   rich orris,  cypress,  amyris
base    sandalwood,  blonde cedar,  vetiver Madagascar

This perfume utilizes the tranquil and nourishing qualities of sandalwood to enhance concentration and awaken intuition. An infusion of lush, effervescent pear at the top adds a distinct uplifting quality and an unmistakably modern appeal.

The initial notes sparkle with pear’s effervescent sweetness and cardamom’s warmth, setting the stage for an enchanting experience. As the heart notes unfold, rich orris and verdant cypress interlace, while amyris adds a touch of sophisticated creaminess. The finale boasts sandalwood’s timeless elegance alongside blonde cedar’s allure, anchored by the earthiness of Vetiver Madagascar. WD/2018 is an ode to enchantment, offering a symphony of light and shadow perfect for any occasion.

Available as 7.5ml travel edition, 50ml100ml.


Sand Service



top       violet leaves,  cardamom
heart   orris,  papyrus
base    amber,  leather,  cedarwood,  sandalwood

Imagine the eclectic bookstore and the vibrant aperitivo drink enjoyed in the green courtyard of Corso Como, combined with the anticipation in the air just before the tourist season begins in Portofino. It encapsulates a promise of adventure.

Sand Service takes you on a nuanced and sensory journey, enveloping you in the fragrant essences of papyrus, orris, and leather. This fragrance exhibits a remarkable breadth and complexity. Its creamy, woody, and leathery notes intensify gradually as it develops, creating an inviting and friendly character.

Available as 50ml.

Bark Bout


top       cedarwood
heart   spruce resin
base    vetiver

A supermellow scent with a mission for the wood. This scent is like the best and most beautiful wood raw material. The scent is warm, golden brown, and earthy. The scent is full of aromas of the wood, resin, and a returning to the roots.

Opening with crisp and reassuring notes of cedarwood, Bark Bout immediately evokes the comforting scent of a wooden cabin nestled amidst the trees. A heart of spruce resin brings natural sweetness and freshness, reminiscent of a walk through a coniferous forest on a brisk day. The resinous layer adding depth to the fragrance. The vetiver base forms a solid foundation – earthy and grounding. This final phase of the fragrance echoes the quiet strength of a tranquil woodland, leaving a subtle, lasting trace.

Available as 30ml.





top       bergamot,  ambrette absolute,  saffron blossom
heart   French rose,  pomegranate,  peony
base    patchouli cœur,  suede,  skin musk

Meinrad Hilfiger was a 19th century Maitre Gantier Parfumeur. His secret formula manuscript was handed from one generation to the next, and his great granddaughter used modern ingredients to give his authentic perfume a contemporary interpretation. This modern twist on an ageless formula is like the iconic Kelly bag from Hermès that stayed true to its original design.

WF/2020 opens with a burst of freshness and vibrancy, as the top notes of bergamot, ambrette absolute, and saffron blossom dance together in a harmonious blend. The initial impression is one of invigorating citrusy notes, complemented by the unique allure of saffron’s floral-spicy essence. As the fragrance settles, the romantic elegance of French rose unfolds. This is complemented by the juicy and slightly tart aroma of pomegranate, adding a fruity and vibrant facet to the composition. The heart notes are rounded out by the soft floral notes of peony, contributing a gentle and airy floral layer to the fragrance. Finally, the base notes emerge to anchor the fragrance with depth and sensuality. The earthy warmth of patchouli cœur creates a luxurious foundation, mingling with the sophistication of suede, which lends a luxurious and tactile depth. The final touch is provided by the subtle embrace of skin musk, creating an intimate and lasting impression that lingers on the skin, leaving a trail of alluring allure in its wake.

Available as 30ml.


Olfactive O

top       cedar,  black pepper
heart   vetiver,  smoked leathers,  myrrh
base    white ambergris,  sandalwood,  labdanum

I am the curious mind, the subtle presence. I travel the world but tread lightly and you’ll learn my secrets slowly. I am cashmere, russet and dark chocolate, bringing you solace and the space to just be. I am a walk in the woods, a warm bath, a good book.

Woody opens with an intriguing and enigmatic allure, characterized by a rich and robust blend of dark notes. The prominent presence of cedarwood adds depth and a sense of grounding. Intertwined is the sharp and aromatic black pepper, which lends a subtle spicy edge to the fragrance, evoking an air of intrigue. As the fragrance evolves, it reveals a hidden heart that is both captivating and secretive. Vetiver, a complex and earthy note, is reminiscent of lush forests and damp earth. This is perfectly complemented by smoky notes of leather, woven with resinous and slightly balsamic notes of myrrh. The base of the fragrance is contemplative and nuanced, providing a lasting impression that lingers on the skin. White ambergris, a rare and precious material, contributes a smooth and slightly oceanic quality that melds with the skin, creating an intimate and personal scent. Sandalwood adds a creamy and woody note that brings a sense of tranquility and warmth, wrapping us in a cocoon of subtle elegance. The base is further enriched by the deep and resinous aroma of labdanum, which adds a touch of complexity and depth, anchoring the fragrance with its rich and amber-like facets.

Available as 30ml.

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