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For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.

Floor lamp mid century

So often, we exhaust ourselves and the planet in a search for very large pleasures – while all around us lies a wealth of small pleasures, which – if only we paid more attention – could daily bring us solace and joy.

Muuto lamp

‘Passion Drives Perfection’

Godshot started with a simple idea: to find the perfect shot of coffee. Founder Sam Amdjadi set out to explore the wider community to enhance this small daily pleasure. What he discovered were honest, dedicated and skilled makers – not just that of coffee, but various other artisanal products – the backbone of creative endeavour. 

Godshot was born out of a desire to connect makers of aesthetic, honest, unobtrusive, and innovative products with people who enjoy buying less but better. To help explain the process, the failures, successes, and the passion behind these objects. Sam would expand the search – Japan, Korea, Iran, Hungary, Norway, Scotland, Mexico.

The principle remained: find the Godshot – the best. Whether it be a cup of coffee, a piece of art, a pen, chocolate, lighting, poem. In 2019 Sam teamed up with Lesley Tang, a patisserie chef who had led a career of seeking perfection in the art of luxury patisserie and worked under some of the best in the field. Her training and passion stemmed from a love of Far Eastern flavours, philosophy, and exacting aesthetics.

kitchen unit

Start Small, But do Start

In 2020 Sam and Lesley took Godshot to print and in store – Godshot studio is the merging of passions and ideas in Glasgow’s southside:

01 Interior design practise

02 Concept retail

03 Library

04 Speciality coffee

05 Patisserie

Godshot print magazine will also be released bi annually, with a thoughtful look at design andlife. Volume 01 is in development and features original interviews and content from Oscar winner Hildur Guðnadóttir, Norm architects and various interesting design projects.

lounge chair

With thanks,

Sam & Lesley x

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