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A burst of sunshine in a bottle. Citrus fragrances are known for their refreshing and vibrant scent profiles derived from various citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are typically rich in essential oils that contribute to their distinctive and invigorating aromas. These scents are often associated with a sense of energy, youth, brightness, and vitality.

Cold explosion, loud spark, vibrating metal, perfect rhythm. Citrus garden in a storm, crisp ether, zesty energy. Alive in an ethereal dream of resonating clarity. It pulses with addictive hot iron and ozonic citrus in clean and sharp rhythm inviting your inner perfectionist to owe. Hot iron, dry wood, thin line, sharp curve.

A concept descending from the captivating Isle of Capri, this refreshing fragrance is inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s iconic film, Le Mépris. Reminiscent of a clear blue sky painted with a bright ray of sunshine, freshness is carried throughout each layer of the fragrance.

A must-have for its comforting and elegant sweetness. A trio of sparkling citrus fruits awaken this timeless fragrance. Bergamot and lavandin combine with the sweetness of orange blossom, and musky base notes add lasting hold. 001 clings to the skin with a lasting freshness.

Orchestrated around just three main ingredients – soft transparent wood, white amber, with its power to invoke a warm, comforting almost skin-like warmth, and orange – the result is a fresh fragrance with a warm quality. In other words: an orange made of velvet.

A pinch of spicy juniper berries, citrus oil and an intoxicating trio of lavender, rosemary and basil, join verbena to layer over white amber and oak moss to culminate in a fragrance that evokes the fresh coastal air.

Effervescent and bright, like the sun-soaked trees in southern italy upon which its namesake ingredient grows, Bergamot expresses the full complexity of a citrus orchard in bloom. Reminiscent of earl grey tea and classic perfume and apothecary preparations, Bergamot is a multifaceted interpretation of a timeless fine fragrance.

Aromatic and floral, with refreshingly clean with notes of grapefruit, magnolia flower and patchouli, Villa Nellcôte is inspired by the French estate which enabled the workings of The Rolling Stones back in their prime. A true representation of magnificent gardens and tranquil green land juxtaposed by the fierce production of rock music.

A revised version of a traditional citrus fragrance. A sparkling and zesty start with yuzu, the Japanese cousin of lemon. Powdery white floral tones bring softness and elegance to this playful fragrance. Touches of elemi add enchantment and contrast with woody and musky undertones in the background. A little mischievous, but still fresh.

Created by Carlos Viñals, FR/2018 draws inspiration from the resurgence of classic gin cocktails. Aldehydic top notes shake this clean blend of crisp juniper and Madagascan ginger alive with a freshness that fizzes and excites the senses. Metallic musk unifies a perfectly mixed blend, enhancing each note and completing the composition.

Art Life activates your senses, raises your energy and stimulates your creativity with a composition filled with citrus, neroli and tonka. Like stepping into an airy, bright atelier in Marrakech enveloped by warm breezes of bergamot and creamy fig. The fragrance settles down into a clean and earthy smell with a touch of fruitiness.

A breathable and sugary scent with a mission for enthusiasm. Amuse air acts as your own muse. The top notes create a sweet cocktail: tangerine, jasmine, cedarwood, lavender and lemon velvety accords. Patchouli and vanilla with its powdery floral notes end the composition.

Inspired by a gorse-lined driveway in Provence, Gorse opens with a fresh hit of crisp citrus and smooth coconut, before maturing into a heady wrap of spiced cardamom. It’s the olfactory embodiment of sun-warmed skin and lazy summer evenings.

Beratan is a warm scent inspired by the lush, volcanic landscape of Bali, Indonesia. A spiritual and inviting fragrance with a botanical bouquet that transports the wearer and those around them. Alluring to the senses, Beratan evokes the enchanting atmosphere of the tropics. Water lilies and incense. A visit to the temple after rain.

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