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It began with coffee /

Drinking a cup of coffee is a routine for a lot of people. Pushed a little further it becomes a ritual, the details of which become honed and refined with time. This is one of life’s small pleasures for Sam who has a mid-morning break every day to enjoy a coffee in his favourite cafe and gather his thoughts.
In mid 2016 Mygodshot was born with a simple idea: what if this coffee moment each day could be elevated? Because the irony of the small pleasure is that it isn’t intense enough usually to force itself upon us. We’re more likely to lose touch with them. They easily get crowded out by other priorities. So we actively need to build up their presence in our lives.. ‘What constitutes a perfect coffee moment for me?

Slowing down /

And so Sam started his search for the “godshot” – an adventure that took him to many artisan coffee houses. Progressively this curiosity grew. Helped by the realisation that these daily pauses and deliberate acts of slowing down were more than just a good coffee break. These were in fact opportunities. Idle moments to reflect. To consider new pleasures that could stimulate the mind. And to explore wider subjects he had always been passionate about: craftsmanship, design, culture and philosophy.

These ideas, thoughts and experiences, triggered by those daily coffee rituals, were first shared on Instagram through a series of essays that forged the core principles of Mygodshot – be curious, strive for simplicity and seek beauty in all its forms.

Instagram /

As our audience on the instagram channel rapidly grew, so did the Mygodshot team, and with it came new ideas to explore. Whilst this is a subjective view, we are design led individuals with a strong desire to seek out beautiful things which have a story. Ultimately, our goal is to share and transmit our passions through words and objects – all of which has been carefully and sensitively put together.

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