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C1 Orange Flirt

Dried apricot, Orange confit, Milky oolong, Nougat

Heirloom, Natural
[ Ethiopia ]

A very expressive natural Ethiopian that is very sweet from Esayas Beriso in Guji. Tasting like dried apricots, orange confit, milky oolong and nougat.

Roaster: DAK

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E1 Benjamin Paz

Creamy, peach, ginger bread

Anaerobic Honey
[ Honduras ]

This exciting coffee is produced by Benjamin Paz at his farm La Orquidea based in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Benjamin is not only growing coffee on his farms but he’s also key figure behind Beneficio San Vicente, our milling and exporting partner in Honduras who Frukt buy exclusively from.

Roaster: Frukt
Turku – Finland

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This Washed Parainema from Benjamin is different though. Compared to the traditional Washed processed Pacas profile from the area this Parainema lot has way much more acidity, more juiciness and overall much wilder character. Very fruit forward with pleasant herbal aroma to it.

We found this coffee to be clean and bright and most of all juicy. Tasting fruity sweet with notes of green apple and grapefruit paired with blackberry with high acidity, high sweetness and high complexity in the cup.

Producer: Benjamin Paz
Origin: Honduras
Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Altitude: 1540-1580
Process: Washed
Variety: Parainema
Harvest: 2022
Exporter: San Vicente
Importer: Belco
Taste: Apple, grapefruit, blackberry

E2 AMOCC /009

Lavender, Rose Hip & Black Tea

[ Indonesia ]

This specific lot comes from I Wayan Parum, a third generation coffee farmer, living in Batukaang Kintamani Village, Bangli, Bali. His small farm is located in altitude of 1.200 – 1.400 MASL which is perfect for coffee cultivation.

Roaster: A Matter of Concrete

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In the last few years the Indonesian coffee scene has shifted, where more farmers started to produce high quality specialty coffee. Founders of the Karana washing station, Rodney and Edi process coffee like Wayan’s that is grown on the vulcanic mountain Gunung Batur in the Kintamani region.
Improving the quality of their washing station, teaching their pickers to pick only perfectly ripe cherries and constantly improving the quality makes their coffee outstanding.

This specific lot comes from I Wayan Parum, a third generation coffee farmer, living in Batukaang Kintamani Village, Bangli, Bali. His small farm is located in altitude of 1.200 – 1.400 MASL which is perfect for coffee cultivation.
The main varieties grown here are S795 and Cobra, but Wayan also cultivates Orange trees alongside his Coffee trees.
Wayan’s coffee got qualified in Cup of Excellence Indonesia 2021, a spectacular thing to happen as he and fellow coffee farmers are finally getting recognition from Indonesia and the world. This comes with some extra responsibilities, as he has a name to keep from now on. But his drive and passion to get the best out of his cherries every year has proven to deliver, as his coffee got scored close to 88 points and ended on the 17th place at COE

E3 Pegasing


Cloudberry, Jasmine 

Natural, dry hulled 
[ Indonesia ]

A rare and unusual filter coffee roasted by our friends in Germany. This is a light to medium roast with main notes of jasmine.

Roaster: Suedhang 

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E4 Thageibi Lot 45  


Orange, Peach, Lime, Caramel

[ Kenya ]

One of the most exciting Kenyan coffees in some time with special processing to really heighten the flavour notes. A fruit forward cup with a lovely finish.

Roaster: Peoples Possession 

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W1 Kemgin Gesha


Lemon blossom, Jasmine, Apricot

[ Panama ]

A beautiful gesha from Panama, roasted by Daniel Horbat. Daniel is a well decorated member of the coffee scene, winning the World Cup Tasting Championship in 2019, the first time such an achievement has been won by an Irish representative.

Roaster: Sumo Coffee

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W2 Wadi Jannat   


Floral, Blackberry, Raisins, Medjool Dates

Deep fermentation
[ Yemen ]

‘Wadi Jannat’, the valley of gardens, is a village located in the governorate of Ibb. The land of this village is exceptionally fertile and suitable for growing all types of fruits and crops. Wadi Jannat village sits in Badan Mountain. The mountain overlooks the city of Ibb from the east, with the highest altitude of 3200 masl.

Roaster: Sumo Coffee

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W3 Yuzu Plum 


Plum, Eucalyptus, Yuzu, Almond

Thermal Shock
[ Colombia ]

A thermal shock castillo from Finca El Paraïso by Alex Bermudez – a creamy coffee with notes of plum, eucalyptus, yuzu & almond.

Roaster: DAK

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W4 El Paraiso  


Cinnamon bun, Chamomile, Apple pie

Thermal Shock
[ Colombia ]

A light roast with a funky component that settles to a refined and clean cup. Super complex with a wide range of fruit flavours that will develop with the temperature of the cup.

Roaster: Sumo Coffee

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W5 Los Nogales  


Strawberry, tiramisu, melon

Innovative fermentation 
[ Colombia ]

In a nutshell, the yeast ferments the mucilage (the fleshy bit) around the coffee cherry, loosens it and allows it to be washed off easily. It’s common practice for the yeast to be completely uncontrolled in the vineyard.

But Angie and Johan watch this every step of the way, controlling yeast volumes and the fermentation process – which both have a significant impact on flavour.

If it helps, think of it like wine. Vintners would allow naturally occurring yeasts to control the grape fermentation centuries ago (as natural wine producers do today), resulting in unpredictable and inconsistent results. But many modern day winemakers will master this – creating something that’s much more enjoyable to most drinkers.

The end result is nothing short of spectacular. Los Nogales is one of very few (if not the only) farms doing this in the world. And the trio are achieving such great results, they’re in sky-high demand with UK roasters.

The complexity in the resulting coffee, clarity of flavor and taste notes are all truly unique – the gold standard of Colombian speciality coffee.

Roaster: Peoples Possession

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