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Gourmand fragrances offer a delectable olfactory journey, blending edible delights like vanilla, caramel, and coffee with floral or woody notes. They balance rich dessert-like accords with traditional ingredients, resulting in a familiar yet novel composition. With the power to evoke emotions and memories, gourmand fragrances are a delightful indulgence.

A grounding scent to leave you feeling empowered, Caramel Days opens with cosy notes of caramel, before blossoming into a softly citrus blend of Brazilian orange and mandarin. Subtle notes of tropical coconut, jasmine and cacao lend sensual sunshine warmth that rounds out this feel-good fragrance.

Thumbsucker draws from an ancient story about a king named Yuvanaswa. Embedding nodes of purity and freshness, the heart of this scent creates a deeper sweetness through violet and cherry tones, with an underlying bitterness, just like the story.

Deep velvet, the glow of a fire, memories of good times. Gourmand seamlessly blends delicious fig, rum, and honey with rich dark chocolate on a warm amber and patchouli base. Indulgence without overstepping.

Inspired by the old world bay rum, dark rum is a refreshing reinvention of a traditionally dark and spicy aroma. Sweetened with ripe plum and crisp bergamot, notes of leather, rum and creamy milk are blended into an intoxicating mix that adapts perfectly to its wearer. Both alluringly warm and fresh, just a spritz of Dark Rum leaves a deep and indelible longing for all those places we’ve been – as well as those we’ve yet to visit.

Inspired by the hustle and bustle and pulsating thrill of an urban concrete world, this fragrance is a powerful injection of roasted coffee with accents of creamy almond and hazelnut. White musk, Australian sandalwood, and amber imbue a boozy balsamic-woody warmth for a sense of comfort and familiarity.

A millefeuille of vanilla, caramel and wood. Almond blossom enhances vanilla and caramel with its powdery and floral facets. Sandalwood, soft and milky, brings warmth to this fragrance. A wonderfully addictive fragrance on the skin.

The smell of our first childhood pleasures. Hazelnut sets the tone, then in the heart, praline and licorice form a bubble of softness. Powdery iris launches the transition to musky notes. A deliciously addictive fragrance, with a strong patchouli trail.

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