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A Matter of Concrete – Laurina, Supriyanto, Indonesia 100g


By A Matter of Concrete (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Origin – Mount Suket, Ijen, East Java, Indonesia
  • Producer – Supriyanto (Iyan)
  • Variety – Laurina (Bourbon Pointu)
  • Process – Natural Anaerobic
  • Altitude – 1700masl
  • Flavour Notes – Macadamia, Guava, Cacao Nibs, Fanta

[ Roasted on 7 May 2024 ]



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In Java, large coffee estates are more prevalent compared to any other place in Indonesia, owing to the country’s history and practices. Java was one of the first islands in Indonesia to cultivate coffee, with its introduction dating back to the 1600s during the Dutch colonial period. While coffee is grown on various islands across Indonesia, it is particularly common to find extensive coffee estates on Java. Even today, Java remains a significant producer of arabica coffee, largely attributed to the estates established by the Dutch.

Until 1900, five out of six coffee producers worldwide used coffee seeds from Java Typica for cultivating their coffee. Most of the coffee production on Java takes place on the eastern side of the island, near the Ijen volcano, although there are also growers on the western side.

Supriyanto, also known as Iyan, is a farmer located in Mount Suket within the Ijen mountain range. On a small plot of his farm, Supriyanto cultivates Laurina coffee, which was initially planted by PT Perkebunan Nusantara. Due to the local climate and environment, the Laurina beans grown in this area have a slightly larger size compared to other Laurina varieties, but they still retain the distinctive Laurina characteristics, such as a sharp, pointed green bean shape. The Laurina plants themselves possess unique features, including pointed leaves and cherries.

Laurina is considered an exotic coffee bean in Indonesia and is known as one of the most challenging varietals to grow worldwide. It requires special attention from coffee growers but rewards them with exceptional sweetness and reduced bitterness. While decaffeinated coffee is typically achieved through a process of steaming and soaking green beans in a liquid, Laurina naturally contains a lower level of caffeine. With a caffeine percentage of around 0.8%, Laurina, also known as Bourbon Pointu, has significantly less caffeine compared to other Arabica coffees, which typically have a caffeine percentage of 1.8%.

The Laurina grown in Indonesia represents the first-ever cultivation of this varietal in the country, and it is a different mutation of the original Laurina variety. However, growing Laurina in Indonesia poses challenges as it is highly susceptible to leaf rust and diseases. The prevailing climate change conditions in Indonesia, characterised by heavy rainfall and hot weather, make it technically unsuitable for Laurina cultivation. Nonetheless, through cross-breeding and natural mutation techniques developed by the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, this particular Laurina plant can thrive in Indonesia.

Supriyanto’s farm is dedicated to cultivating Laurina and other exotic coffee varietals, and they have succeeded in producing the first-ever Indonesian-grown Laurina. Additionally, Supriyanto has planted other exotic varietals, which hold much anticipation for the future.

The coffee from this lot is processed in an anaerobic environment, where it is sealed in a plastic tank for 120 hours and then dried naturally. This processing method results in an exceptionally enticing coffee with excellent characteristics. Despite being processed and fermented in an anaerobic environment, the coffee is remarkably clean, displaying a prominent citric acidity and a well-balanced sweetness.

Think flavour notes of macadamia nuts, guava, subtle spices, orange and cacao nibs. This filter roast also works amazingly on espresso.


A Matter of Concrete

A Matter of Concrete was founded by barista, roaster, and entrepreneur Rob Clarijs in 2021. AMOC are based in one of the old warehouses of the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, which was once the largest coffee roastery in the Netherlands. The factory was built in the New Objective style in the 1920’s, being one of the first buildings ever where concrete was the main material. It is now a listed UNESCO World Heritage monument. After roasting for 65 years, in 1995 the last bean was roasted and production of the Van Nelle brand moved elsewhere. AMOC began production 26 years later, in 2021.

AMOC are committed to operating sustainably, and use a state-of-the-art Loring S35 Kestrel – one of the most energy efficient coffee roasters around. Their energy supplier has Gold Standard certification, meaning CO2 neutral gas and only electricity from renewable sources. There’s a Sovda colour sorter to sort the coffee beans to perfection. A space designated for quality control. A tasting room. And there are dozens of ideas the future may bring.

Rob’s interest in coffee was piqued in 2012 during a visit to Copenhagen. He began to roast coffee in 2013, and started numerous brands and companies from 2015. In 2019 he won the Coffee Masters competition in London. Throughout this journey, it was always his dream to set up his own roastery, and so, A Matter of Concrete was born.

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