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Current selection of house made macarons:

Creme brûlée
Pistachio raspberry
Salted caramel butter hazelnut
Caramelised coffee
Ruby red choc
HK French toast
Kaya coconut
Birthday cake
Black sesame caramel

*All macarons are Gluten free
Pre-order available – in store collection only


Creme Brûlée

Madagascan vanilla pods, french buttercream, sea-salted caramel filling and torched sugar shell. Classic and popular.

Pistachio raspberry

Valrohna French chocolate pistachio ganache and raspberry insert. Balanced fragrant pistachio with fruity centre.

Salted caramel butter hazelnut

Roasted hazelnuts, sea-salted caramel French buttercream. Sweet and salty.

Earl Grey milk choc

Loose earl grey tea leaves, Valrohna French chocolate ganache. Floral and aromatic tea like.

Vietnamese coffee

French Valhona chocolate with strong coffee. Sweet and intense.

Birthday cake

French style vanilla butter cream with strawberry confit centre – taste just like nostalgic birthday cake.

Black sesame caramel

Black sesame paste made in house with roasted sesame seeds combined with french buttercream and salted caramel centre for a nutty creamy texture.


Strawberry rose

French buttercream with a hint of strawberry and rose. Sweet and floral.

Kalamansi dark choc

Kalamansi is a native citrus from Philippines – a hybrid between a kamquat and mandarin, taste is fragrant and unique and combined well with the dark chocolate making this also dairy freeoption. Fruity and fragrant.

Blackcurrant milk choc

Blackcurrant purée combined with French valhona milk chocolate ganache. Fruity and sweet.


Birthday cake, Black sesame, Caramelised coffee, Creme Brûlée, Early grey milk choc, HK French toast, Hojicha choc, Kalamansi coconut, Kaya coconut, Mandarin Milk Choc, Passionfruit Milk Choc, Pistachio, Ruby red choc, Salted Caramel, Salted caramel hazelnut

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