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Three Marks – Rosma Coffee Bordillo, Guatemala 250g


Made by Three Marks (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Origin – Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Producer – Erwin Humberto Argueta Herrera
  • Variety – Bourbon, Caturra, Parche Verde, H1 Centroamericano
  • Process – Fully Washed
  • Altitude – 1360 – 1560masl
  • Flavour Notes – Pear, Papaya, Cinnamon

[ Roasted on 26 Feb 2024 ]


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In 1953, Mrs. María Figueroa de Argueta acquired land in Chiantla, initiating coffee cultivation with Typica, Bourbon, and Maragogipe varieties. In 1977, her son Erwin Modesto Argueta Figueroa expanded the cultivation to 11.56 hectares with Caturra, Pache Verde, and Pache Rojo.

After the 2005 creation of Unión Cantinil municipality, managed by Erwin Humberto Argueta Herrera since 2005, the farm prioritizes quality coffee, evolving production processes for staff training, technification, and improved productivity with environmental sustainability.

In 2012, grappling with Guatemala’s widespread coffee leaf rust epidemic, the farm ventured into specialty coffees. Motivated by the impact of the rust problem, they enhanced farming practices, initiated a coffee lot with the F1 Centroamericano variety.

By 2016 they achieved the 14th position in the Cup of Excellence and secured the 7th place in 2018, establishing theemselves as a top traditional Arabica (Bourbon and Caturra) producer in Guatemala.

The cherry harvest is carried out at the optimal ripeness stage. On the same day, the cherries are pulped, and the pulp is placed in a fermentation tank for 24 hours. After reaching the appropriate fermentation point, a thorough washing is conducted using fresh spring water along a 40-metre-long channel, with density boards separating by-products.

Following this washing phase, the coffee is then spread on the patio for sun drying for 3 days, followed by an additional 12 days on African beds until it reaches the desired moisture level of 11%.


Three Marks

Three Marks Coffee, located in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, was founded in 2018. The coffee roastery and shop is named after its three co-founders: Marc Aguyé, overseeing store management; Marco Paccagnella, in charge of brand marketing; and Marco De Rebotti, responsible for all things coffee. Three Marks work to create a welcoming environment for customers from all walks of life. The co-founders believe in building friendly relationships and fostering a sense of joy and belonging within their coffee shop.

The trio behind Three Marks met in Nomad – a speciality coffee shop in Barcelona. Marc Aguyé was the manager, Marco De Rebotti was a roaster, and Marco Paccagnella was a customer of Nomad, who also rented a studio space above the cafeteria. Three Marks Coffee is the product of a chance encounter of the three.

Despite the initial coincidence of their collaboration, the three co-founders share a common passion for coffee. De Rebotti’s enduring love for the industry is evident in his continuous exploration of new cafes, varieties, and recipes.

Marco De Rebotti had dreams of opening his own coffee shop. In 2004 he relocated from Italy to London to work as a hair stylist on fashion shows. Not knowing anyone in London, he would spend his days in coffee shops, which was where he first took note of the nuances of coffee. He then relocated to Barcelona where he spent 3.5 years working as a coffee roaster at Nomad, and a brewer at another coffee shop.

Before the three of us started Three Marks, we promised to each other to make a special cafe. We wanted to achieve a high level in everything, not just the taste of coffee but also how we serve customers, how we present coffee and what music to play in the shop. Our ideal is for each of us to concentrate on our own strengths and perform our work to perfection.
— Marco De Rebotti, co-founder

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