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Soft floral differ from floral fragrances in that they are generally less like bountiful gardens, and more like a small, delicate bouquet. These fragrances almost always have powdery or sparkly feeling to them, which is often result of aldehyde – an organic compound derived from citrus and rose.

Reminiscent of sun warmed skin, oil paintings & temple dust, Naked Dance is an olfactory impression of our lives at home, where we jazz through space filled with our attachments, memories and comforts in bliss of intimate liberty to be ourselves. Musky, milky, powdery, a little soapy and bitter.

Created by Christine Hassan, SN/2020 is named after gold medalist, Silje Norendal, who chose this scent above fourteen others presented to be the next A.N Other fragrance. Rich osmanthus blurs the gender lines by fusing sweet feminine floral notes with masculine leather undertones and creating a complete sensual union. At the heart of this fragrance is the rich naturally juicy peachy scent of osmanthus absolute, contrasted with the freshness of a sea salt accord.

Ami Amie opens with a smooth yet sultry fruity tone. The plum and raspberry create a perfect balance, and the sweetness from the floral notes comes out to create more complexity before the spice and woody notes give a further layer. There is a fine balance in the composition that allows all of the notes to have their moment.

Evocative of the Japanese notion encapsulating the feeling of light as it travels, Komorebi is a delicate scent captivating the senses. A light floral formulation that embraces the connection to textured and organic spatial experiences. Washi paper and woven straw; passage of time and significance. A peaceful and comforting scent, Komorebi is inspired by tranquillity and the energy that surrounds us, embracing the gentle purity of nature.

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