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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dak Coffee Roasters was founded in Amsterdam in 2019 by Louis-Philippe Boucher & Veronique Lagarde. ‘Dak’ means ‘roof’ in Dutch, and is a tribute to the moment that the Canadian duo decided to establish their own coffee roastery – they were sipping coffee on their rooftop. The green coffee is ethically sourced at a premium price to ensure fair trade, and is roasted in Amsterdam on an IMF machine for a high degree of control and consistency. The machine uses a convection system that allows to that results in clean, bright and flavourful coffee beans.
Canadians Louis-Philippe Boucher & Veronique Lagarde met in their final year at university. After graduating, the couple relocated to Milan in 2014. Louis started working in finance in London, and Veronique worked in marketing. Louis was already an avid coffee drinker, although it was cafe design and coffee culture across different regions that first piqued Veronique’s interest.
The couple moved to Amsterdam in 2017 to start the next chapter. Whilst still working in the finance and marketing sectors, Louis travelled to Berlin to take a roasting course to learn more about coffee. This experience solidified for him the idea of creating his own coffee roasting company. The duo’s shared curiosity for coffee and cafe culture blossomed into passion for the industry.
From the outset, Louis and Veronique envisioned Dak as more than just a coffee brand; it was to be a platform for cultural exchange and exploration. Their commitment to sourcing diverse coffee flavours from around the world reflects their desire to share the richness of different coffee cultures with their customers. Dak quickly gained traction both domestically and internationally, driven by demand from discerning coffee enthusiasts who appreciated their commitment to quality and innovation.
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