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We seek out unique fragrances from brands all over the world that align with our concept.

At a very basic level, fragrances can be split into four familiar groups: oriental, floral, woody, and fresh. Woody and oriental fragrances tend to have more depth and warmth, whereas fresh and floral fragrances are often more playful, powdery, airy.

The fresh family is different than the others in that it describes a feeling more than a collection of notes. Fresh fragrances can be fruity or citrusy, or smell more naturally refreshing – green and crisp, or oceanic.

There are a number of other groups to help further clarify scent profiles that contain elements from more than one of the groups mentioned above. These more precise categories are debated regularly, with new groups being added from time-to-time.

At Godshot studio, we subscribe to a total of ten distinct attributes, including oriental, aromatic, gourmand, woody, green, aquatic, citrus, fruity, floral, & soft floral.

Fragrances often have qualities to varying degrees beyond a single attribute, and can evolve through different attributes throughout the day depending on which notes sit on which dimension of the scent profile – the top, the middle (or heart), or the base.



opulent · mysterious · exotic

Rich spices as well as balmy resins are included in this category, as well as the ever-loved amber accord. Amber is a simple blend of labdanum, benzoin & vanilla, which make for a warm, sticky, slightly sweet and spicy scent.

Whilst oriental fragrances are decidedly erotic, the addition of woody base notes may slow the tempo and make for a more sultry or mysterious fragrance. Adding a pop of zesty citrus may add a rush of excitement, and evoke feelings of sensual intoxication, reminiscent of sticky liquor-laden hot summer nights. When combined with fruity or floral notes, the resulting fragrance can feel lighter and more sparkly or whimsical.

Common oriental notes include amber, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, saffron, myrrh, incense & leather.



mellow · herbaceous · uplifting

Aromatic fragrances typically combine more understated herbs & spices from the oriental family with a woody base.

They differ from oriental fragrances in that they are not as exotic nor indulgent. Herbal and woody notes evoke a feeling of grounding, calmness, and perhaps even nostalgia.

The addition of citrus or spicy notes can cut through the herbal grassiness and make for a more lively fragrance, whereas heavy woody notes can bring about warmth.

Common aromatic notes include sage, chamomile, cannabis, matcha, rosemary, thyme & eucalyptus.



indulgent · honeyed · moreish

Gourmand fragrances are like an olfactive dessert – sweet & indulgent. They are often reminiscent of baked caramelised goodness, and usually contain notes of vanilla.

Fruity or citrus notes can be added to add a fresh quality to the fragrance, and to perhaps invoke memories of a fresh fruit tart with lashings of cream. The addition of spices, wood or musk can deepen an otherwise somewhat whimsical fragrance, and provide an element of seduction.

The gourmand category is not limited to rich sticky sweetness, and also compasses fragrances that smell like fruity drunken cocktails, hard liquor, or coffee-based delights.

Common gourmand notes include caramel, vanilla, milk, honey, praline, coffee, cinnamon & tonka bean.



rich · earthy · seductive

This group encompasses notes from trees, roots, resins, moss and some leaves and grasses that hold earthy qualities.

Citrus or floral notes can cut through the weight of the woody notes, resulting in lighter fragrance whilst still possessing a warm woody base.

The combinations with woody notes are endless, as wood works exceptionally well as a long-lasting base to provide depth and grounding.

Common woody notes include sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, pine, cypress, vetiver & patchouli.



lush · verdant · botanical

Green fragrances encapsulate distinct natural scents of crumpled leaves, cut stems, moss, and fresh grass dotted with morning dew.

Many fragrances that are predominantly green contain galbanum, which has an intensely green and earthy aroma with woody and balsamic elements.

Citrus or floral notes can add a touch of excitement to an otherwise grassy fragrance, although green fragrances are generally known to smell pure, natural, and fresh.

Common green notes include galbanum, vetiver, green tea, bamboo, nettle, grass, oakmoss, & orris.



icy · invigorating · oceanic

Aquatic fragrances are designed to capture the fresh, clean, oceanic aromas of the ocean. These fragrances are transportive, and are often based on specific geographical reference points.

Many aquatics use calone, a synthetic ingredient that imitates the coolness of a gentle sea breeze.

Other notes are added to nod to the location of the fragrance. Dry, salty woody notes like birch or sandalwood are reminiscent of a walk on the beach. Citrus or fruity notes like peach or mandarin whisk us away to the sandy Mediterranean. Strong florals like rose evoke streams in the English countryside. Soft florals with carefully selected oriental notes transport us to a calm pond with floating cherry blossoms in East Asia. Fresher woody notes like oakmoss or vetiver imitate the blue marine freshness of ocean waves breaking.

Common aquatic notes include calone, oakmoss, musk, apple, grapefruit, orange blossom & osmanthus.



zesty · crisp · bright

Citrus fragrances have a distinct burst of zesty freshness and juicy aromas resonant of citrus fruit. A touch of bitterness can add a layer of sophistication to an otherwise bright fragrance.

Pure citrus notes extracted from real fruit are often combined with woody or oriental notes to have a grounding effect and produce a more mature and rounded fragrance. When combined with floral notes, citrus fragrances can be the ultimate feel-good summertime scent.

Common citrus notes include pomelo, bergamot, lemon, lime, mandarin, grapefruit & neroli.



youthful · luminescent · joyous

Full of natural, refreshing sweetness, fruity fragrances are reminiscent of sweet, ripe, juicy fruit in season.

Lighter than heavy florals and without the sharpness of citrus, fruity fragrances are a playful all-rounder for the summer months.

The addition of fruity notes can bring a buoyant freshness when combined with oriental, woody, or floral fragrances.

Common fruity notes include pear, apple, fig, plum, peach, blackcurrant, mango & passion fruit.



sophisticated · elegant · classic

Ranging from the youthful rose, sultry jasmine, to delicate lily of the valley, florals can create a wide range of moods.

Floral fragrances can be an ode to a single flower (soliflore), or can contain notes of different flowers (bouquet).

When stronger fresh or citrus notes are added, the resulting fragrance can feel more flirty, playful, summery.

The addition of warmer oriental or woody notes can have a deepening, more sensual or sultry effect.

Common floral notes include rose, jasmine, neroli, geranium, violet, ylang-ylang & lily of the valley.


Soft floral

delicate · powdery · tasteful

Soft floral differ from floral fragrances in that they are generally less like bountiful gardens, and more like a small, delicate bouquet.

Fragrances composed of beautifully delicate white floral notes come under this category.

Soft florals almost always have powdery or sparkly feeling to them, which is often result of aldehyde – an organic compound derived from citrus and rose.

Common soft floral notes include violet, lavender, gardenia, tuberose, osmanthus, iris & adlehyde.


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