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Forest Mystic Incense Sticks


Made by Forest Mystic (Himalayan Mountains, India)

  • Contains 12 incense sticks handcrafted by local artisans
  • 25g
  • Burn time: 60 – 90 minutes per stick



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Arabian Jasmine – Arabian Jasmine, also known as mogra, gives off a smooth, mellow and rounded perfume which exudes a soft air of serenity.

Indian Jasmine – Picked at night in moon-drenched gardens, Indian Jasmine oozes a dreamy tranquillity and promotes good sleep.

Lemongrass – The clean, citrusy sharpness of freshly-cut Lemongrass will refresh and invigorate your mind, restoring vitality.

Lotus Flower – In many spiritual traditions, the Lotus flower is symbolic of purity and spiritual awakening. Sweet and ethereal, this fragrance radiates clarity.

Nag Champa – Redolent of temples and monasteries across Asia, this ancient blend lays mellifluous Champa flowers over a sturdy Sandalwood base.

Night Queen – A desert cactus, Night Queen blooms during only one midsummer night each year, releasing its allure: a sweet, sensual and seductive perfume.

Patchouli – Charming, bright and pleasant, Patchouli’s creamy smoothness will leave you in a soft and blissful repose.

Rose – The unmistakable fragrance of the Himalayan Rose is at once enticing, elegant and rapturous; this is the illustrious emblem of love.

Sandalwood – Revered by emperors and monks alike, Sandalwood creates a regal ambience of majesty, opulence and sumptuous elegance.

Sandalwood & Myrrh – The arboreal sweetness of Sandal permeates a sinfonia of aromatic tree resins; their union is mysterious, formidable and transcendental.

Sandalwood & Saffron – Saffron’s warmth compliments the inherent splendour of Sandal; together, they meld to a cosy effulgence with a rich, lingering glow.

Vetiver – An enigmatic blend of smoky earthiness and delicate sweetgrass, Vetiver is a seraphic ode to the Indian savannah.


Forest Mystic

Forest Mystic was founded by Adam Robinson in 2018, after he returned to the UK from India. Adam spent several years in India, where he was enchanted by the quiet solitude of the forest.

Forest Mystic luxury incense sticks are ethically made by hand in the Himalayan foothills by local artisans. The finest quality aromatic botanicals are mixed and rolled by hand to ensure a distinctive burning experience. No chemicals or synthetic fragrances are used — only premium grade essential oils, powders, resins, leaves, seeds and flowers.

Each of us is a unique expression of Life. We all connect to Truth in many different ways: prayer, meditation, yoga, qi gong, dance, song – the list is endless. My aim here is to provide you with premium-quality, natural, handmade incense that you can use to create a beautiful atmosphere, whatever your path or practice.
– Adam Robinson

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