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Jorum Studio Trimerous EDP 30ml


Made by Jorum Studio (Edinburgh, UK)

Perfumer: Euan McCall

Progressive Botany Vol. I Collection

There is eerie silence after the Harvest. From the small square window we await the autumnal shift. Dusting across fields of Hare-eared crowns, we pray the rare roots make it through the hoar.

Impression: Carrot Seed, Bergamot, Nectarine, Thyme, Cicely, Pink Pepper, Juniper, Cloudberry, Angelica Root
Fade: Orris Butter, Kombucha, Centaury, Suede, Musk, Ambergris, Styrax, Vanilla, Incense



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Trimerous is a funny wee thing. A triptych of veils shading the finest facets of prized orris root.

Quivering around the most exquisite Florentine Orris Butter, Trimerous presents undulating olfactory movements, displaying singular facets of the revered root in a landscape of dewy, verglas and silvered woods.

Trimerous does not explore every kaleidoscopic nuance of the noble root, instead honouring but three slivers often overlooked. Trimerous highlights the forgotten, muted and the discarded; effervescent, buttery and exalting.

Trimerous is as much an attempt to capture a mood and a process as it is to showcase the aromatic splendour of the Iris, an inherently faultless raw material.

A ballad to the devoted hand, soiled, aged yet resiliently tending to rhizome.


Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio is an independent fragrance house based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded in 2018 by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall, and partner, Chloe Mullen. Jorum Studio offers an ever-evolving perspective on fragrance, blending classical techniques with innovative and unique compositions. Largely influenced by the natural world, the resulting fragrances are modern and poetic, capturing the beauty of nature with an unconventional spirit.

Perfumer Euan McCall attributes his lifelong interest in fragrance and nature to his grandparents, who had a business in horticulture. They composed stunning gardens all over the UK and beyond, and were passionate about beautiful plant aromas. Euan created fragrances for a number of brands before starting his own fragrance house.

I feel that Northern European perfumers have a slightly different sensibility – we have less quotidian aroma experiences that inform traditional perfumery, the cornerstones of training as a perfumer. Perfumers hailing from other parts of the world are surrounded by highly aromatic plants and nature. Our smell landscape is different up here – muted, more intimate and slightly flatter but perhaps denser. We are forced to seek exotic aroma-scapes alongside our native ones and as such we tend to have this additional, more rugged sensibility that is forged from our need to search and assess aromatic subjects that are less giving.”
— Euan McCall, founder & perfumer

Each Jorum fragrance begins as a concept, which becomes an expansive mixed media mood board before formulation begins. The artworks and packaging are designed by co-founder Chloe, who also manages business operations including sourcing raw material and overseeing logistics. Every aspect of production is done in-house by a small multidisciplinary team.

It is so important for us that each Jorum creation is new, original and of quality which we hope ultimately progresses the narrative – we aren’t interested in trends or trying to copy existing works. We do Jorum and hope many people enjoy what we do.
— Euan McCall

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