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Pigmentarium Incense Sticks


Made by Pigmentarium (Prague, Czechia)

Contains 40 incense sticks handmade in Sri Lanka.

Available in 6 scents:
Kâshân Rose
Santal Blues
Moroccan Mint
Jericho Noir
Prague Olibanum
Saffron Absheron



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You find yourself in the middle of a Persian garden. The soothing sound of the fountain is accompanied by the birds chirping and the endless scent of roses in the background. Suddenly you feel the gentle touch of the blazing sun. Are you dreaming? Or have you just woken up?


The ancient, resonating, and captivating smell of a bar hidden somewhere in the streets of Jaipur, so familiar that it always brings you back. Let yourself be carried away by the melody of the blues.​

The elegant Pink City, in which martini is being poured so lightly, is as delicate as the scent of sandalwood. The penetrating gaze will light up all your senses. The sensuality of life is overwhelming. Intoxicating, don’t you think? You are here for the story to sweep you away.


The biggest of palaces hide behind the smallest of doors, just like small details make the biggest of artworks. Surrounded by the labyrinth of the Medina, you find yourself on a slightly misty afternoon soaked with the rich taste of mint tea. Relax. Enjoy every sip. Take a breath. This moment is yours.


Just like the Queen of the Night. Hour by hour, everything gets darker and more mysterious. The rich interiors and opulent atmosphere remain hidden in the darkest shades of black. Here comes a night you will always remember. Are you curious? Don’t miss it. It blooms after dark and wilts before dawn.


Chiaroscuro in the nooks and crannies of Baroque churches. Statues ́ silent gestures. Messages are hidden in altar paintings. Time stands still behind the stained-glass windows. The spiritual scent of incense, and the atmosphere of dozens of Prague chapels, churches, and temples will intertwine you with the past, present, and future in perfect harmony.


Delicate blue flowers are opening on an autumn morning. Three tiny red threads in their centre are being stirred by the cool air. The history of mankind is inscribed in their captivating fragrance. The spice that cannot exist without the touch of a hand. Wherever in the world you are, the indescribable scent of saffron will carry you to the beginning of history.



Pigmentarium is a Czech fragrance house founded in 2018 by creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub F. Hiermann. Jakub trained in perfumery in London before returning to his home city of Prague. Born from a passion for the profound stories that can be conveyed through scent, the name of the brand refers to the world of painting and the Latin inscriptions that dot the façades of Prague’s main buildings. Their olfactory creations are narratives captured in bottles – blending the finest ingredients with the art of perfumery.

Each fragrance is related to an artist or a cultural discovery. Pigmentarium does not see itself as a perfume brand, because it is focused on the art of living; it is a platform that also connects Czech artists and craftspeople to highlight the treasures of Prague.
— Tomas Ric, co-founder & CEO

The rich cultural history of Czech literature, music, and architecture, as well as the famous avant-garde movements, are channelled in the Pigmentarium fragrances. The brand regularly collaborate with contemporary artists from different fields, for example, Genesis was released with a series of photographs of Prague interiors by photographic artist Hana Knizová, in collaboration with an exhibition of artworks by sculptor Tereza Štětinová.

The brand’s latest collaboration took inspiration from the fine arts, leading to the limited-edition Prague Olibanum incense sticks. Contemporary Czech painter, Lucie Jindrák Skrivánková, designed the visual concept of the product, which evokes the scent of Prague’s old world. She worked with black, matte textures and gold decoration, giving a unique experience to the touch and representing the extravagance of the city and the brand.

Pigmentarium continue to collaborate with international artists, including poet Michaela Fenkl, sculptor Pauline Hagant, and fashion designer Arturo Obegero, all of whom have become ambassadors for the brand.

Sustainability, ethical practice, and locally driven thinking are the company’s core. The fragrances are produced by hand in the Pigmentarium atelier in Czechia, and the packaging is made by Studio Činčera, a family-owned company in Prague.

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Jericho Noir, Kâshân Rose, Moroccan Mint, Prague Olibanum, Saffron Absheron, Santal Blues

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