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Aquatic fragrances capture the essence of water – the ocean, a lake, a river – evoking a sense of tranquility, freedom, and natural beauty. This genre of fragrance relies on an ingredient known as Calone, which imparts the sensation of a gentle sea breeze, shimmering crystalline waters, and an unparalleled sense of freshness. Aquatic scents offer a diverse range of interpretations, capturing everything from tumultuous oceanic waves to serene and tranquil pools.

Sea, spray and sun! Like a breeze of sea spray that caresses our face, 801 is refreshing with its grapefruit start. This wind intensifies and makes the spices twirl: pink pepper and nutmeg bring a touch of spice. The rows of cedar and cypress trees diffuse into the air their facets of wood dried by the sun’s rays.

Reminiscent of rain on chalk reef, a fresh and clear fragrance of ozone, jasmine and amber. Botany opens with immediate freshness before refreshing marine with subdued floral notes of jasmine and lavender take over. Warming amber with musk anchor the fragrance, which mellows out with a comforting embrace.

Evokes an uninhabited bay; man-made structures that bridge land and sea, and a crisp fragrance of salt, sweet pea and musk. Walpole encapsulates sea spray and a coastal breeze. It’s heart beats a delicate duet of sweet pea and gentle rose petals. The fragrance takes on an earthy tone with grounding notes of moss, amber, and musk.

A fragrance that evokes salt water spray, cassis and oud – Reculver is a prominent parfum meant for dancing and exploring; that friend that takes your hand and shows you something you’ve never seen before. Zesty green mandarin and luscious cassis invigorate the senses. Honeyed neroli blooms before cedarwood and smoky oud linger on the skin like a cherished memory.

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