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When I looked into the story of Eris, I saw a rebel with a sense of humour. Eris is on the original bad girls. She is my muse.

— Barbara Herman, founder and creative director
Eris Parfums, established in 2016 by Barbara Herman, distinguishes itself as a niche fragrance label celebrated for its unconventional and artistic ethos. Named after Eris, the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, Eris Parfums is inspired by muses — divine, human, and fragrant — that exemplify unconventional beauty and dark, subversive glamour.
Founder and creative director, New-Yorker Barbara Herman, is a lifetime fragrance enthusiast. Her years of collecting and researching vintage perfume took her on a journey that started with her blog, Yesterday’s Perfume, which then turned into a book, Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume. After interviewing Master Perfumer Antoine Lie for her book, Barbara asked him to help her create a collection of fragrances as bold as her favourite vintage perfumes, but for a modern audience.

Belle de Jour opens with a fresh and uplifting haze of orange flower, imitating the playfulness of a fruity fragrance without the juvenile element. A touch of jasmine softens the first act, and nods to the vintage glamour facet running through all of the Eris parfums. The powdery mist is pierced by crisp and penetrating shards of pink pepper, bringing a sparkling vibrancy to an otherwise airy atmosphere. Labdanum anchors the fragrance with depth and a familiar warmth. It gently traces the skin, enhancing the sultry intimacy offered up by a musky oceanic saltiness. Belle de Jour leaves a breezy trail of delicate florals in its wake, but come a little closer to feel it’s intoxicating warmth and taste it’s salty sensuality.

Delta of Venus is guava-centric floral that reimagines the Garden of Eden’s Forbidden Fruit. It opens with an effervescent burst of juicy bergamot and grapefruit, slinks toward a luscious guava accord created exclusively for Eris by perfumer Antoine Lie, morphing into a kaleidoscope of carnal tropical fruit notes.

We all know what a beautiful spring day feels like. In Green Spell, perfumer Antoine Lie has conjured up—as if by magic— the greenest notes in perfumery to create an elixir that will lift your spirits and transport you through scent to that joyous place.

Ma Bête (My Beast) caresses you with the suggestiveness of perfumed fur. A collision of the floral and the animal, Ma Bête combines a regal Tunisian Neroli with spices and a 50 percent overdose of Antoine Lie’s own animalic cocktail.

A sparkling mix of ginger, saffron, vetiver, and black pepper on a creamy bed of cedar and sandalwood, wrapped in rich notes of cacao, benzoin, and the animalic purr of castoreum, Mx. blurs the boundaries between conventionally masculine and feminine perfume notes to create a symphony of olfactory decadence.

Opening with a captivating mix of warm spices and a touch of saltiness, Mxxx. evolves into a seductive multi-dimensional blend of incense, cacao, and vanilla, wrapped in the textured embrace of authentic ambergris. The rich dusting of raw cacao with creamy vanilla and spice borders on gourmand, but never steps over. The fragrance deepens into a coarse animalic base, where it threatens to drown in carnal raunchiness, but the creamy and uplifting vanilla carries through to uphold a classy sophistication. There’s an in ineffable heat and tantalising attraction with Mxxx., a sensual intoxication with enough restraint that it doesn’t lose all inhibition. It threatens a primal debauchery but reveals an understated elegance. Initially bold, Mxxx. is multi-dimensional and perfectly balanced, seamlessly deepening into a skin scent that exudes an understated refinement and leaves those around you gasping for more.

Night Flower opens with a blast of fresh, aromatic cardamom. Animalic leather and suede wrap around a narcotic Indian tuberose, drying down to a cozy base of birch tar, patchouli, cinnamon and tonka.

An explosion of spices on a smoldering, ambery base of woods, incense, smoke, and leather, Scorpio Rising, like the astrological sign it’s inspired by, is beautiful but dangerous, magnetic but formidable. And very, very addictive. Are you ready to play with fire?

Contains 8 x 2ml:
Belle de Jour
Night Flower
Ma Bête
Green Spell
Scorpio Rising
Delta of Venus

If I had to make a comparison to another art, the way I work on a fragrance is like a sculptor. Perfume is a living sculpture.

— Antoine Lie, master perfumer
Antoine Lie is a renowned perfumer with more than 30 years of experience. He trained at the Roure School of Perfumery in Grasse, and has since worked for numerous luxury fragrance brands. His groundbreaking compositions have earned him international accolades and cultivated a loyal following.
Eris Parfums meticulously select premium ingredients to fashion each scent, producing limited batches in Italy and France. The fragrances are meticulously designed to possess enduring complexity, challenging conventional olfactory norms with audacious compositions. For those seeking to delve into the artistic realm of fragrances, Eris Parfums offers an essential exploration.
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