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Traditional amber woven with sturdy sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli, for texture and warmth. Woody amber fragrances are rich, comforting, and familiar-feeling, whilst also carrying an air of mystery.

Like a battle in the head notes between warm and cold spices, between cumin and cardamom. A tension that makes the whole fragrance vibrate. It gives body and carries the sandalwood, the main character of this fragrance. The warmth of amber melts into the rich sandalwood and gives the fragrance its trail.

Reminiscent of a moss-covered cemetery; sombre mist, past and present combined. St John opens with fir, petitgrain, and star anise. A heart of clove and smoked wood deepens into cedar, musk with a sticky, warm resin which lingers on…

A new interpretation to a secret 19th century patchouli formula. Meinrad Hilfiger was a 19th century Maitre Gantier Parfumeur. His secret formula manuscript was handed from one generation to the next, and his great granddaughter, Catherine Selig, used modern ingredients to give his authentic perfume a contemporary interpretation.

Inspired by the colourful party scene of Marrakesh during the 1960’s and 1970’s, Kasbah radiates a welcoming aura and captures the essence of a warming alcohol-fuelled euphoria. White honey and sweet orange inject some playful seduction, while amber, patchouli, tonka bean, and sandalwood are turn up the heat. Oozing with energy, influence and escapism, Kasbah advocates liberation, tolerance, and exploration.

Imagine the eclectic bookstore and the vibrant aperitivo drink enjoyed in the green courtyard of Corso Como, combined with the anticipation in the air just before the tourist season begins in Portofino. Sand Service takes you on a nuanced and sensory journey, enveloping you in the fragrant essences of papyrus, orris, and leather. Its creamy, woody, and leathery notes intensify gradually as it develops, creating an inviting and friendly character.

Reminiscent of the the embers of a fire at dusk, Woody is the epitome of warm and comforting. Cedar, leather, myrrh, sandalwood, and labdanum account for the rich warmth running through the fragrance, whilst imbuing an air of mystery. Woody is the dark horse, the secret keeper, and the thinker.

A modern take on the classic vanilla note, but here in good company with soft woods and fresh notes of orange blossom. The scent ignites a sense of vigour, thanks to endorphin-boosting notes of orange blossom and juicy mandarin. Grounding you with a balancing heart of vanilla orchid, sat on a base of warming amber – it’s a staple fragrance for an air of calm and control.

In 1969, a naked woman carrying a cross walked through the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The performance act went under the name “Female Christ”. This scent is earthy, poignant and wholesome, intending to capture a moment in time. Eucalyptus and patchouli convey cold and nakedness, whilst rhubarb, thyme and cinnamon bark represent the imposing structure of stone and wood.

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