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Fruity fragrances are the radiant brushstrokes of the olfactory world: deliciously vivid compositions of ripe citrus, the velvety sweetness of berries, and the exotic tropical notes of sun-drenched paradise. Bountiful baskets of ripe fruit are preserved in a crystalline vial, ready to transport us to moments of pure, mouth-watering bliss.

A truly refreshing fruit cocktail. Citrus, watermelon and redcurrant combine with the more velvety facets of jasmine and lily of the valley. These white flowers blow like a gentle breeze over the soft sandalwood.

This fragrance is inspired by a generation of trailblazers. The dark fruit notes of blackcurrant meet radiant citrus. Tangerine and bergamot add a touch of sparkling freshness and lightness to the berries. Nutmeg and especially clove show up as antagonists, giving the creation depth, volume and a spicy warmth.

Reminiscent of the sunset in Soho, an impulsive adventure, pop art, and sixties chic, Fruity is playful, impulsive and flirtatious. Foregoing traditional ultra sweet and youthful fruit notes, Fruity is made up of strawberry leaf, apricot, cinnamon apples and zesty lemon on a fresh bed of patchouli and musk.

Ancient forest; the fragrance of nature at its wildest, crab apple, purple orchid and cedarwood. Distilled from the essence of Blean Woods in July, this scent is fruity, fresh, but grounding.

Reminiscent of the 1960s Summer of Love, delicate top notes of petitgrain, tangerine and green fig meet a heart of fruity blackcurrant for depth, and cyclamen for a light airy quality. Invisible Post deepens into a woody base of sensual sandalwood and cedarwood, sweetened with a touch of tonka bean.

A reimagined interpretation of the common garden strawberry – deconstructed and unexpected. This fragrance stimulates the senses using a dynamic blend of fresh and bright notes of bergamot and pink pepper with warm musks, jasmine petals, and orris root to reveal a memorable, genderless scent.

In Love With The Cocos is an ode to summer romance. Influenced by sandy sunscreen touching the skin and sticky cocktails spilt in ecstasy across a bar. This fragrance is zesty and rich. Filled with notes of lemon drops, coconut water, and gentle touches of amber and musk, this is, quite simply put, good times in a bottle.

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