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L1 – Strawberry Genmai


Tasting notes:
Toasted rice crackers, strawberry, creamy, umami
_Caffeine free
100% artisan toasted brown rice from Mie Japan

Genmai is traditionally mixed with green tea known as Genmaicha but we have sourced the powder version to make it into a luxurious latte, and thus also making it caffeine free.

The sugar and starch from the rice produces a warm, full, nutty flavour. It is considered easy to drink and good for the stomach and is naturally gluten free.

Made with fresh strawberries which we roast daily in our kitchen until caramelised for a deeper flavour. The natural sweetness of the strawberries shine when gently roasted.

We came across genmai from our recent collaboration with Niko Neko in Malaysia and are excited to introduce many more specialist and high quality Japanese ingredients from this brand.

A little more on genmai: its an unpolished brown rice with the husks removed but the bran and germ intact. Slightly nutty tasting and more “chewy” than hakumai, genmai is both delicious and extremely nutritious, containing four times the vitamin B1 and E, three times the fibre and twice the vitamin B2 and iron of hakumai. Going well with almost any ingredient, genmai can be used as a substitute forhakumai. It contains an element that naturally stimulates the metabolism, helping reduce the signs of aging, and improving the condition of hair and skin.

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