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Ranging from the youthful rose, sultry jasmine, to delicate lily of the valley, floral fragrances can create a wide range of moods. Floral fragrances can be an ode to a single flower (soliflore), or can contain notes of different flowers (bouquet). Like an olfactory garden, these scents transport us to lush meadows and vibrant gardens.

A sophisticated floral fragrance with an edge. Wade into a scent inspired by the still waters of Myanmar’s Inle Lake, with Gabar 01 Float eau de parfum. Its lapping floral notes with edges of amber, white musk and bergamot are made for moments of letting go and letting loose.

A majestic scent for the queen of flowers: soft and fresh like a rose garden. The first notes are green and spicy with cardamom. The heart is made by roses and sweet peas. The Damask rose has been used in absolute and essence. In the background, musk and white cedar bring a powdery softness.

This complex, yet playful exploration of light and dark textures brings a modern twist to classic perfumery notes. A rich base of sumptuous dark leather is punctuated by the elegance of night blooming jasmine. Nostalgic notes of sweet cotton candy and herbal mate add a contemporary lightness to the perfume. Hidden notes that emerge as the fragrance dries down surprise you when you think you really know it.

A mysterious fragrance, as surreal as a lonely garden in a clearing in the middle of a dense forest, that combines an underlying woodsiness with the floral, floating aroma of rose, lavender, and labdanum. Sweeter, creamy-vanilla notes of coumarin and velvet ambroxan are balanced by the tartness of raspberry, and the entire composition is wrapped in the nuanced warmth of cedar and palo santo to create a gentle, transfixing scent.

Inspired by 19th-century amusement park Dreamland in New York, this scent evokes a charred historic rollercoaster; sprawling ornamental rose gardens, and the depth of days gone by. The fragrance is rooted in a heady base of leather, tobacco, and vetiver.

An ode to a lively summer. The top notes create a lively cocktail: finnish white rose, bergamot, rose pepper, lavender and refreshing lemon accord. Vanilla and neroli with its powdery floral notes end the composition. Capturing the excitement of a summer’s day, and the anticipation of what the evening has in store…

Like an air of vacation: as soft as the sun on the skin. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot and neroli. Then, tiare flower, jasmine and hibiscus take us to a warm sandy beach. The vanilla and musk base reveals a milky trail reminiscent of the sweetness of monoï and relaxing summer memories.

Reminiscent of cocktails with friends, a warm breeze and fresh air, Summer days under a cherry tree, a silk scarf – Floral by Olfactive O is a bouquet of intricate florals. Opening elegantly with magnolia, mimosa, and chamomile before osmanthus balances rose in the beating heart of the scent. An effortless and quietly seductive genderless fragrance made up of more delicate and understated floral notes.

Passport Amour is a captivating fragrance that combines the delicate essence of rose with the earthy richness of agarwood. This sultry scent envelopes your senses, transporting you to a dimension where eternal beauty reigns supreme. Finished off with comforting notes of warming amber – each spritz feels like a long awaited, loving embrace. This fragrance leaves a gorgeous, sweet and earthy trail.

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