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Thoughtful gifts for any occasion

Finding a gift that truly resonates with the recipient can be a noble yet challenging endeavour. We are all familiar with the strain of navigating an abundance of gifts which somehow don’t quite hit the mark, whilst under the pressure of a looming deadline.
Perhaps the notion that there is an inanimate object somewhere out there that can represent the depth of our appreciation, affection and connection is an absurd concept. Maybe there is something to the old adage that nothing is more valuable than our time, and that presence over presents really is the most meaningful gift we can give.
The next best thing – and this one is tangible – is something that aligns with the receiver’s interests, passions, or needs. Something that can elevate moments big or small, be it a new travel cup to keep their coffee hotter for longer on their daily commute, or premium paper and tactile stationery tools because their jottings or sketches deserve quality materials.
We’ve curated a selection of gifts to help you find something that is personal, thoughtful, and as unique as the relationship it celebrates:

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But first, coffee. We’ve something for the coffee enthusiast, latte-art extraordinaire, or anyone with a caffeine habit who could benefit from an elevated coffee ritual.

Containing 3x100g of premium speciality coffee beans from three roasters, the annual limited edition coffee discovery set is the ultimate gift for a coffee lover.

One of the most functional travel mugs on the market at the moment. It keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours, and is compatible with car cup holders. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours.

Written by the founder of April Coffee Roasters, Patrik Rolf covers his experiences and learnings over his first 10 years in the booming speciality coffee industry throughout Europe.

The most popular coffee we source for the Christmas season, with festive notes of cinnamon, star anise, clove, and white chocolate.

A compact home grinder with more than 40 settings for the perfect grind. Allows ingle dose loading for daily freshness, and with anti-static technology for mess-free mornings.

Handmade in Japan, microwave and dishwasher safe, and available in 4 colours and 2 sizes, this mug is loved for it’s simple two-tone matte finish and comfortable rim. Perfect for coffee at home.

Cast iron basket with Teflon coating and walnut handle, this luxury scoop from has a wonderful weight and quality feel to it. Measures 10g – ideal for one cup of coffee.

This minimal double wall ceramic cup is perfect for the latte artist due to a hidden parabolic slope which lifts crema to the top. Stackable, dishwasher safe, and available in 2 sizes and 2 colours.

The Sepia series is firm favourite of fans of Japanese brand Kinto. Evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, these heat-resistant glass cups can be used for hot and cold drinks, and are microwave and dishwasher safe.​ Matching nonslip tray available here.

The Stelton Theo series has been designed to stimulate the senses. Available in matte black or sand stoneware with a shiny glaze, this milk jug is both rustic and elegant. It comes with a collar of heat insulating silicone, which provides a good grip and avoids burnt fingers.

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For the artists, the writers, and dreamers alike, the weight of a well-balanced pen and the aroma of high quality paper are simple pleasures to enhance the creative process and inspire the imagination.

With 76 pages of sustainable 170 gsm ivory paper and exposed binding which allows the book to lie completely flat, this is the ultimate sketchbook for creatives. Perfect for wet and dry mediums including light watercolour and finished with a 1.5 mm recycled board available in eight colours.

Penco, a premium stationery brand from Japan, has a reputation for reliability. This aluminium mechanical pencil is simple and sophisticated, lightweight, and of a shorter length for optimum balance. Available in black or silver.

Featuring a unique soft and smooth Japanese wax core, Blackwing pencils are high pigment and a joy to use. They sharpen evenly thanks to the genuine California Incense-cedar barrels.

High quality scissors made from Japanese stainless steel with shorter length for cutting precision. The eyelets have a rubber lining for comfortable use. Available in black or gold.

This pencil case by Korean stationery brand Livework is perfect for keeping everyday stationery organised. There’s 2 compartments inside and a mesh pocket on the outside for easier access. Available in 4 colours.

Nōto provides an enhanced notebook experience for creative minds. In addition to over 180 pages for handwritten notes, nōto includes concise City Guides featuring 360 recommended places to eat, drink, shop and stay in 20 popular travel destinations around the world, and an Object Gallery chapter showcasing beautifully-designed objects.

Each of these 52 cards contain exercises to stimulate creativity, playfulness, and innovative thinking

This paperback edition of the latest ’Vitamin’ volume is a cutting-edge and indispensable survey of the very best of contemporary drawing, as chosen by a panel of the world’s leading art experts

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Tools for productivity are a thoughtful gift for students, those who work from home, or anyone with self-improvement aspirations. Elevating your workspace and organising your schedule are simple ways to distress whilst making every moment count.

This A5 planner is unique in that it is not time bound, so it can be started at any time. It has lay-flat binding and contains 224 pages of 100gsm smooth cream Korean paper by Hansol, printed with soy based ink. Available in 3 colours, and in A6 size.

A heavy duty steel tape dispenser from Japan. Can be mounted to a wall or simply sat on a desk. Comes with a non-slip base to maximise functionality. Available in 4 colours and a smaller size.

Ultra functional and tactile magnetic cable organiser. Separates into two rhomboids with capsule shaped openings for holding cables or other small items in place against a metal surface.

A miniature aluminium drafting scale. The triangular shape makes it easier to manoeuvre the scale and to hold it exactly in place. Available in 6 colours.

The Kiyomi list pad features 88 sheets of smooth ivory paper with 23 dotted lines and task completion circles printed on each leaf. It’s ideal for keeping up with a to-do list or shopping list.

With superior charging performance of up to 15W, this wireless magnetic phone charger is certified to Qi standard, meaning it’s compatible with most smartphones.

Winner of the 2020 Good Design Award, this ultra-functional stationery set hailing from Japan includes 8 pieces of stationery, from scissors to a tape measure. The set itself is wonderfully tactile with a satisfying magnetic close. Available in 3 colours.

The HMM Plummet Ballpoint Pen is made of aluminium and weighs less than 20g, enabling agile manoeuvre for steady strokes. The Walnut Block is a beautiful desk object for ambience – solid walnut with a curved pen holder. Presented in a gift box.

Trove is a series of minimal cork boxes for organising and storing everyday objects crafted from natural and sustainable cork for a warm and tactile finish. Slotable & stackable.

Two thirds the size of the iconic 1930s Original 1227™, the Original 1227™ Mini Desk Lamp boasts all the Anglepoise® features of original design, but scaled down for smaller spaces. It’s the perfect bedside reading light or lamp for challenging workspaces.

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Gifts to inspire introspection and encourage mindfulness, in other words, a thoughtful gift for a thoughtful person. Each object in this collection has been selected to encourage quiet moments of contemplation amidst the noise of daily life.

At once funny, wistful and unsettling, Sum is a dazzling exploration of unexpected afterlives—each presented as a vignette that offers a stunning lens through which to see ourselves in the here and now.

Most of us long to be a little calmer: too many of our days are lost to agitation and worry, stress and discord. This is a workbook that takes us through the practical steps required to actually become calm, and invites us to build calming routines into our daily lives.

This set of cards provide eloquent invitations to recover a wiser, calmer, redemptive perspective on our lives. Each card identifies a fresh perspective we might take on problems – nudging us gently and compassionately towards a more liveable relationship with our difficulties.

This card deck is made up of 52 different practices and reminders to help relieve stress, tension, or anxiety. Each of the suggested tasks take only a couple of minutes, and can be used as a tool for immediate relief, or to help wind down following a stressful event.

A guided notebook which utilises CBT to change unhelpful thought patterns, reduce anxiety, and manage stress. A personal and thoughtful gift.

This sticker set by Korean stationery brand Trolls Paper features 10 different emoticons with a range of uses, including accompanying journal entries or simply for decorating a notebook or journal.

A set of four calming prints by Floortje Louise, a creator passionate about mindfulness from the Netherlands. These prints are designed to promote calm reflection. High quality 300gsm Munken arctic paper.

Handcrafted by local artisans in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Channel the quiet solitude of the forest with authentic incense rolled by hand & scented only with natural botanicals. Available in 10+ scents.

A hand-poured apricot coconut wax blend candle with a cotton core wick that will burn for around 50 hours. Superior quality, non-toxic, phthalate-free earthy and herbaceous fragrance.

Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way to slow down and promote a calm headspace, whilst being visually engaging and keeping the hands busy.

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With the power to evoke memories, awaken emotions, and transcend time and space, the sense of smell is often considered the most powerful of all the senses. Fragrance gifts offer a wonderful sensory experience – an olfactory journey of creative expression.

Niche Swedish fragrance brand Stora Skuggan has produced some of the most unique unisex scents of the 21st century. One is the olfactive embodiment of gold, another is reminiscent of a sonic boom, another emulates the white liquid that drips from limestone caves. These six scents are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Based in Hong Kong, Oddity have crafted a trio of niche unisex fragrances that exemplify their dedication to storytelling, concept and artistry. The scents strongly evoke specific moments – from the intimacy of feeling at home to the coldness of metal.

This discovery set from 19-69 contains 7 unisex fragrances, each inspired by a different culture or setting, but all based in 1950 – 1980. The brand is driven by capturing the freedom, tolerance, and a wonderful hazy nostalgia of the past in fragrance form.

One of our best sellers, the A.N Other Discovery Set contains 6 fragrances produced by world class perfumers. This set also contains Polaroid-style images and description cards for each fragrance.

Containing 9 fragrance samples from the Netherlands, Fugazzi’s multifaceted scents are androgynous, long-lasting and bound to make a statement. They often pair jarring, contradictory notes together to strike a delightfully unexpected chord. With nine on offer – all stirring uniquely stand-alone, sensory experiences for their users – all that’s left to do is pick the right fragrance…

Inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients and favourite memories, each of these 6 dynamic scents are elevated through the modern pairing of opposite but complementary notes. Gender-neutral and suitable for everyday wear, Malin + Goetz cover all bases and have a new favourite scent for everyone.

This Discovery Set features five of Abel’s the most popular scents in beautifully giftable, 100% recyclable packaging. All of Abel’s natural fragrances from New Zealand defy the typical stereotype of natural fragrance, and are just as long-lasting as beautiful (if not more so) than leading brands.

Scottish Odyssey is an exploration of the folklore and mystery engrained in our past and present. A contemporary fantasy built around the everyday; extending beyond geography into attitude, humour and culture. Grounded and earthy, joyful and irreverent. Contain’s 6 fragrances from Edinburgh-based Jorum Studio.

Laboratory Perfumes Discovery Set contains 5 fragrances inspired by the British countryside and coastlines. Whether it’s an exhilarating afternoon swim, or a laid-back early evening cocktail, these gender-neutral fragrances can take you there with a plethora of delicious notes.

Japanese brand APFR has formulated more than 30 not-of-this-world scents, previously unheard of within the incense world. Each fragrance is the result of months of trial and error, resulting in something ethereal yet blissful.

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For the urban explorer to the world traveller. This collection contains practical gifts to elevate day-to-day journeys, as well as adventures in far away places.

This rolltop rucksack from Denmark is completely waterproof with a carabiner closure. It has a side-access laptop pocket for a device upto 16”. It carries 13 litres and has an adjustable chest strap. It’s ideal for everyday use, but also fits every major airline’s cabin baggage allowance. Available in 10 colours.

Renowned UK-based Monocle offer travel guides on more than 30 cites, including Copenhagen, Kyoto, and Paris, from the ideal route for an early-morning run to the best streets for independent retail.

The Blunt Metro is a collapsible, lightweight umbrella that is ideal for on-the-go in urban settings with unpredictable weather. It is category 1 hurricane tested, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Available in 11 colours.

This fragrance oil is perfect for use on-the-go due to it’s small size. The oil base creates more intense and longer lasting fragrance, with zero wastage due to an easy-to-use rollerball applicator. The cannabis scent is the most popular of the Malin + Goetz range, although it is also available in dark rum, leather, and strawberry.

Rains gloves are a must-have accessory for cold weather. The fleece-lined design features neoprene palms, and folded ribbed cuffs which can be unfolded under outerwear for extra windproofing. They are finished with touchscreen compatible thumb and forefinger tips. Unisex, available in three colours and sizes.

The Autumn-Winter 2023-24 issue of Hidden Scotland features 150 pages full of stunning photography and inspiration on exploring Scotland. Explore the festival of fire in Shetland, meet Scotland’s national poet Kathleen Jamie, who explains how poetry has shaped the country, and photographer Jamie Ellington, who tells us what it was like growing up in the sea-access-only village of Crovie.

The Japanese Kinto Travel Tumbler is a minimal double-wall vacuum insulated travel cup. The stainless steel body is powder coated for a matte finish and maximum durability, and the cup is leak-proof thanks to a silicone seal. Available in 8 colours, and matching carry strap available here.

Rains Bum Bag Mini is a functional bag with an adjustable webbing strap that can be worn over the shoulder, across the body or around the waist. This waterproof design has one internal compartment, a buckle closure, and is finished with tonal zip. Ideal for keeping small valuable safe but easy to access on-the-go. Available in 3 colours.

This minimal wash bag from Denmark features a single compartment large enough to fit essential toiletries. It is waterproof and durable, and available in 8 colours.

Featuring six best selling hair, body and face products packaged in travel-ready recyclable aluminium tubes, this Malin + Goetz kit is essential for someone with an upcoming trip.

A passport-sized miniature notebook which doesn’t take up too much space is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who still appreciates traditional pen and paper. Tactile linen cover and 52 pages of 90gsm paper.

This card holder has four slots on each side, as well as a central compartment for more cards or cash. It’s a simple gift to keep cards secure and safe from the elements. Available in 7 colours.

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Gifts for someone who deserves some TLC. Encourage someone you know to take care of themselves physically and mentally, and perhaps even indulge a little…

A de-stressing and therapeutic blend of mineral rich pink himalayan and dead sea salts infused relaxing bergamot, lavender and patchouli pure essential oils. A couple of handfuls swirled into a hot bath can work wonders on stress levels and mindset.

This vegan hydrating and moisture rich seaweed soap utilises waste coffee grounds for exfoliation, leaving the entire body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed. Nourishes all skin types and is suitable for daily use.

These versatile oils from Finland can be used as a moisturiser or as a massage oil. Genuine wood, berry, and flower extracts bring a sense of grounding, along with natural vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. There are 3 blends to choose from.

The brand’s all-time best seller is this smooth and creamy deodorant which is suitable for sensitive skin and absorbs residue-free. Contains natural extracts & probiotic enzymes, and is available in 3 blends.

The best-selling beard care set from 2023 makes a return. Containing full size versions of Murdock’s best-rated products – Beard Moisturiser, Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo & Redchurch Beard Brush – this gift set is a thoughtful gift for anyone passionate about their facial hair.

An award-winning artisanal lip balm from Finland, designed to nourish and protect lips from harsh weather. With cold pressed oils, butters, and zero water, it is suitable for sub-zero temperatures. Available in two natural flavours – one with a rosy tint.

A set of super soft 100% organic cotton towels from Denmark. The set contains a large luxury bath towel with a practical wrap function & a fluffy hand of hair towel. Available in 3 colours.

Hailing from New York, Blind Barber have exploded across the US and Japan, and their products are now breaking through into the UK. This matte pomade is the latest for anyone who needs a stiff styling hair product with a matte finish, with easy wash out. Bonus: it smells like deliciously creamy tonka bean.

Uplifting, magnesium rich bath salts with Pinot Noir Grape Extract. The benefits of bath salts have been widely known about for many years and in recent studies have been linked with lowering inflammation and stress levels whilst boosting the skin’s ability to hold moisture.

A rich, yet non–greasy formula to soothe the hands and cuticles. The soothing blend contains shea butter, chamomile extract & vitamin E. Available in 7 scents.

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Food as sustenance, nourishment, comfort. A collection of culinary memoirs to inject some excitement into the most simple of daily pleasures, as well as our favourite artisanal treats to delight the soul.

With only 1000 of these books printed, For The Love of Food by The With Love Project is a beautiful limited edition hardcover book. This project was centred on finding passionate producers of food and drink, and contains exclusive and previously unseen interviews and photography.

Onsuri’s discovery set contains award-winning olive oils from Jordan: Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki and Sensory Blend. These are premium oils, and are truly wonderful for any oil-drizzlers or cooking enthusiasts.

Luxury single origin Dominican Republic drinking chocolate, with notes of nuts and red berries. Suitable for vegans and without artificial ingredients. Swirl into hot milk for a luxurious hot chocolate drink.

The Kinfolk Table puts the emphasis back on the relationships that surround eating. One-third cookbook, one-third narrative and one-third adventure, it is a collection of 85 recipes from creatives around the world. Filled with gorgeous photography and design generally reserved for magazines, this book will inspire cooking, gathering, and enjoyment of food.

Only available for the festive period, there are only 50 Godshot macaron boxes produced each year – each containing five special edition macarons only available in this discovery box. Collection from the studio available from 23 December 2023.

Fredrik Berselius is described as a chef who “thinks like an artist and gets away with it”. He celebrates the heritage and tradition of his native Sweden through his two-star Michelin restaurant, Aska, in New York. With a stark and poetic Nordic aesthetic, Aska includes 85 recipes, evocative personal writing, and stunning photography.

Finnish chef, Saara Atula, serves up 60 tasty, nourishing vegetarian recipes for any season, without forgetting about desserts and snacks.

Part cookbook, part manifesto, BAO weaves together delicious recipes, lively stories, evocative photography, and playful illustrations to inspire BAO super-fans and curious home cooks alike.

Microbatch chocolate truffles made in Somerset with a smooth ganache centre. Available in 5 flavours.

Available in 8 unique flavours, a team of artisan chocolatiers produce this small-batch chocolate in the Somerset countryside. For every kilogram of chocolate sold, £0.20 is donated to social causes in the cocoa growing regions of Colombia.

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Connection with others enriches our lives, enhances wellbeing, and empowers us to overcome challenges and celebrate successes. This collection of gifts are designed to enhance get-togethers, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories.

Designed to enhance the pleasure of entertaining at home, this mouth blown whisky set with American walnut coasters is the perfect gift for a whisky aficionado to showcase and enjoy whisky with loved ones.

A striking french press creates a functional centrepiece when hosting and serving coffee, bringing the social element back into a coffee ritual. This particular french press is used during get togethers within the Mygodshot team, when we try new coffees and share our thoughts on the week ahead, and each time it breathes a little buzz of chatter into our day.

This timeless anodised aluminium tray adds a touch of class to any social setting. Handmade in London since 1947, these trays are a favourite of the British royal family. Available in 4 colours, with matching dishes which slot perfectly into the trays. The Kaymet range will really make guests feel special.

A wonderfully simple and functional oil and vinegar set for those who enjoy hosting Mediterranean-style dining. The wooden stand with handle allows the set to be easily passed around the table, and provides neat storage when not in use.

A set of four stunning hand-blown tumblers for cocktails or whisky on the rocks. These glasses are perfectly balanced so that they will rock from side-to-side without tipping over. They’ve a satisfying thin and smooth fire-polished rim, and are stackable and dishwasher safe.

This design-led deck of playing cards strike a fine balance: chic, yet familiar. The box is reminiscent of a cassette tape, while echoing the contours of the lid of a grand piano. It features a magnetic closure and a satisfying snap. The cards bend, slide, and shuffle exactly as they should, and the handfeel is a thing of great beauty: hard to capture, you’ll know it when you feel it.

Here is a pack of forty activities to draw us away from static conversation. Among other things, we will build a fort together, dance in surprising ways, deliver funeral orations, practise our acting skills, and play some entertaining (but kindly) pranks. The games are an invitation to cast aside reserve and get in touch with neglected imaginative aspects of ourselves.

These cards reopen channels of emotional communication that have become clogged up over time. The questions, and the supporting micro-essays, invite candour, confession and radical openness. Perfect for a couple.

A collaboration between Craighill & sommelier André Hueston Mack, the Best Wine Key is one of the most impressive utensils we have come across. Crafted from stainless steel, every detail has been thought out for both form and function.

Four sleek and contemporary hand-blown wine glasses to give a sophisticated edge to any social gathering, be that Christmas dinner, a birthday, or a housewarming party.

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Living in the most technologically-invasive society to date, the importance of slowing down and appreciating our profound connection with the earth is more apparent than ever. We’ve a selection of gifts for the plant lovers, as well as anyone who could benefit from the mood-boosting effects of embracing the natural world.

Seed bombing is an ancient practice that restores native wildflowers. Throw these bombs of soil and seeds to the earth and watch them grow into a feasting ground for bees, butterflies, birds and moths.

A collection of pocket-sized adventures – from something tiny like eating an unfamiliar fruit from the market to rereading your favourite book to asking a parent what they were like as a teenager. This is a suggestion box to spark the imagination, revive the spirit and motivate us towards the slightly more adventurous lives we long for.

A small glass vase to add a touch of greenery indoors. Too small to contain store-bought flowers, but perfect for wildflowers picked whilst adventuring.

A thoughtful gift for any gardener – this journal features 12 undated months and has space to jot down seasonal tasks, planting lists, design drawings and all grand gardening or houseplant plans.

A set of 20 beautifully presented picture cards with short essays to remind us of the consolation and redemption we can take from the natural world.

A mindful gift for someone who could use the mood-boosting benefits of nature without the maintenance of a live plant.

Designed by German design duo Böttcher & Kayser, Bloom is a timeless watering can produced in powder-coated stainless steel, with a matte, dark green surface. The long drip-free spout makes it easy to water small pots without spilling, and a grooved silicone mat at the base of the jug makes it non-slip.

In contrast to the traditional English Cottage garden, which often features free-roaming plants and organic curves in pathways and borders, modern gardens tend to be characterised by clean lines, order, and a dynamic yet relaxing atmosphere. The seeds included in this box have been chosen to complement surrounding architecture.

This little book from Haarkon is a celebration of the gardens that are often overlooked and understated but that brighten our everyday.

Helsinki-based publisher Cozy Publishing has translated Nordic Garden Design into English. The book provides a wonderful immersive exploration of the most stunning gardens of the Nordics – a gift to inspire appreciation of the natural world.

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